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Inday Sara is Right About Lying Politicians – That’s Why The Philippines Needs a Parliamentary System to Keep Them Honest

Speaking personally, I have never had much time for people who rely on scripts. Public speakers, politicians, political and social commentators and activists are not actors and as such, they should not use the tools of actors. It is one thing to be a great Shakespearean actor memorising the words […]

Parliamentary Systems Allow Individual Talent to Shine Whilst Minimising Personal Egotism

Of the many myths told about parliamentary governance, one of the most odd is that somehow parliamentary systems are biased against supremely talented individuals who would otherwise rise more rapidly in a literally individual based (rather than party based/manifesto based) presidential system. This argument is flawed for a number of […]

Filipinos Should Not Mistake British Self-Deprecation For a Repudiation of Parliamentary Politics

Britain and The Philippines may have one very big thing in common: self-deprecation. In Britain, this expresses itself through a total restraint on articulating positive feelings. Likewise, most in Britain are quick to complain about mild difficulties as though they were catastrophic. In each of these cases, sarcastic humour tends […]