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Protectionism is Depriving The Poorest Filipinos of Their Daily Rice

A crisis caused by corruption and exacerbated by protectionism The Philippines has long exercised protectionist policies in respect of agricultural imports including rice. Rice is not only the staple ingredient of Philippine cuisine but much more crucially it serves as the primary daily sustenance of millions of the country’s poorest […]

It’s Not Just Trump, China’s Also Making The WTO Irrelevant

China’s pioneering initiative to institutionalize trade rules and dispute mechanisms for its New Silk Road is especially impactful in making the World Trade Organization irrelevant in and of itself, but when combined with Trump’s recent moves away from this globalist body, it has the effect of dealing what might be […]

We Are All Globalists Now: The Question is – Are We Western Neo-Liberal Globalists or Chinese Win-Win Globalists?

The term “globalism” means many different things to many different people. The definitions vary as much due to cultural factors as ideological ones. When the word first appeared in the common vernacular it tended to have universally positive connotations which referred to the power of technology and the confluence of […]

When Chinese President Xi Meets Indian Premier Modi, All Eyes Will Be On a Man Who Isn’t There

On the 27th of April, Indian Premier Narendra Modi will travel to Wuhan for a meeting with President Xi Jinping. As mutual members of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and with India sitting as an observer during Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, Xi and Modi see a great deal of each other, in […]