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Imran Khan’s Economic Advisory Council Makes Policy Makers Accountable to the Elected Head of Government

Many have long criticised what has been described as Pakistan’s military establishment’s overbearing role in political policy making. While Imran Khan looks to harmonise and modernise the relationship between elected officials and the establishment, there is a much more urgent elephant in the room that has scarcely been addressed. In […]

Brazil’s Democracy is Dying While Pakistan’s Enters a Renaissance

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry has rejected calls from the United Nations to allow jailed former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva full access to the public and media during his attempt to run for a further term in this year’s Presidential election while languishing behind bars. While Brazil’s democracy was always […]

US Based South African Comedian Provokes Anger in Pakistan With False Imran Khan/Trump Comparison

While comedy is the art of pushing boundaries which necessarily means provoking thought and causing offence, the South African born American based comedian Trevor Noah is not the traditional boundary pushing comedian in the tradition of George Carlin or Lenny Bruce. Instead, Noah is known for “politically correct humour” that […]

Imran Khan Declares Victory in Historic Elections: Pakistan Has Chosen Meaningful Change Over a Failed Status Quo

An electoral revolution that dethroned old political dynasties and the extremist fringe  Imran Khan has claimed victory for his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) in an historic election for Pakistan. The PTI represents a populist swing away from the legacy mainstream parties PML-N and PPP that both fared poorly during the […]

This 2012 Julian Assange Interview With Imran Khan Sheds Light on The Man Set to End Pakistan’s Political Dynasties

In 2012, Julian Assange had just entered the Ecuadorian Embassy as an asylum seeker under the auspices of his ally, the then President of Ecuador Rafael Correa. It was at this time that Pakistan was preparing for its first ever peaceful democratic transition in the run-up to the 2013 general elections. […]