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The “Arakan Army” & “Rohingya”: “Unholy Alliance” Or Tatmadaw’s “Divide-And-Rule” Tactic?

The Myanmarese military’s accusation that the Buddhist-believing “Arakan Army” insurgents are working hand-in-hand with their Muslim “Rohingya” counterparts is either a sign that these two seemingly opposed anti-government forces have struck an “unholy alliance” with one another or a clever attempt by the Tatmadaw to “divide and rule” its enemies. […]

Imran Khan’s Visit to China Represents a Crucial Moment in Halting The West’s Sinophobic Propaganda in The Muslim World

Ever since Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the Belt and Road initiative in 2013, western policy makers and their de-facto propagandists across corporate media outlets have been looking for a Sinophobic narrative through which to persuade the nations of Asia and Africa to shun Beijing’s flagship project for modern global […]