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Hard Kaur Threatens To KO Modi, Gets Suspended From Twitter But Still Goes Viral

Indian-born but UK-based rapper Hard Kaur defiantly challenged both Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Shah “to come in the ring alone” and fight in response to the sedition case that the government recently filed against her for her anti-Hindutva comments, promptly resulting in her account’s suspension from Twitter shortly […]

Khalistan Isn’t About “Sikh Supremacy”, But Challenging Hindu Supremacy

The Khalistani quest to create an independent country out of India’s majority-Sikh state of Punjab isn’t about “Sikh supremacy”, but about sustainably ensuring the community’s fundamental human rights in the face of the national government’s decades-long policy of Hindu supremacy against them, which could also inspire revolutionary constitutional reform in […]

Khalistan Can Change All Of India Forever If It Follows This Strategy

The Khalistan national liberation movement should emphasize the 1973 Anandpur Sahib Resolution’s decentralizing and democratic principles in order to become the core of a new nationwide opposition movement that inspires India’s diverse population to unite in challenging the centralizing and fascist tendencies of the country’s current Hindutva rulers. The Roots […]