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Duterte Invokes Holy Allegory in Latest Defence of Critical Thinking

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has issued another stern criticism of the Roman Catholic Church in The Philippines – one that was highly allegorical in respect of contemporary political trends in the country. During his speech, Duterte criticised Catholic doctrine in the following way: “You’re already praying at one God, then […]

Duterte Did Not Apologise to Brother Eddie – He Merely Reaffirmed His Long Standing Views on God and Faith

Multiple media outlets are falsely reported that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte “apologised” for his recent remarks regarding God and organised religion. Duterte has done no such thing. Instead, Duterte has revealed that he privately prayed to the God he always claimed to believe in asking for forgiveness if his words […]

Duterte vs. The Deep Church: A Battle of The Heart, Soul, Prosperity and Freedom of The Philippine Nation

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte campaigned on pledges to dramatically change the Philippine economy, to likewise historically change the way government is organised in the country (federalism), to fight and win the battle against narco-terrorism, to fight and win the battle against Takfiri terrorism, to bring peace to the Moro communities […]