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SDRs Have Clear Advantages Over The Dollar But Gold Has Intrinsic Advantages Over Both

During the lengthy discussions which led to the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, economist John Maynard Keynes opposed fixed exchanged rates via-a-vis a gold backed US dollar. He instead proposed the creation of a super-national unit of account which he called the bancor. The justification behind a seemingly tedious accounting unit […]

The Ilhan Omar Scandal Vindicates Ron Paul’s Long Standing Views on Non-Interventionism

The real scandal behind young US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s statements about Palestine is that interventionism begets interventionism. In the majority of the world’s countries, including superpowers like China, most political discussions revolve around internal affairs and international trade. Matters of foreign policy in areas not related to trade are minimal […]

Filipino Supporters of Federal-Parliamentary + FDI Reforms Should Reach Out to America’s Ron Paul

While western NGOs have a history of meddling in the affairs of multiple foreign nations, much of the media-industrial complex and old political establishment in The Philippines is deeply inter-connected with companies, NGOs, sources of wealth and political strategists in the United States. As Filipinos continue to have generally positive […]