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Is The Premise of The “Trump-Russia Scandal” Based on an American Cartoon Aired in 2012?

The US probes into alleged ties between Donald Trump’s 2016 US Presidential campaign and the Russian government have been ongoing for nearly two years. While some insist that Trump’s team did collude with Moscow, others including Trump himself have called the entire process a “witch hunt” aimed at covering up […]

Who’s Trying To Pull A “Russiagate” On Netanyahu?

The narrative has suddenly sprung up that Russia is supposedly planning to meddle in “Israel’s” upcoming elections to support the incumbent, but this is nothing more than an attempt by the most pro-American factions of “Israeli” society and its “deep state” to undermine Netanyahu by replicating the Democrats’ “Russiagate” conspiracy […]

In 1992 Bill Clinton Was Accused of “Going Russian” by George H.W. Bush, But Few Mention it Today

When a former CIA director accused Bill Clinton of being in-league with the KGB The 1992 US Presidential election was one that the incumbent George H.W. Bush was ‘supposed’ to win. After the former CIA director served as Vice President for eight years behind a personally popular Ronald Reagan, 1988 […]

Democrats’ Lawsuit Against Trump and Russia Confirms America’s Status as World’s Richest Developing Country

In developed countries, an independent judiciary is seen as a bulwark against political influence and an institution that ideally serves as an independent arbitrator of legal grievances that remains free from political influence or agendas. This is no longer the case in respect of the United States. The opposition Democratic […]

Barry Goldwater: The Self-Styled “Extremist” Whose Politics Were Endlessly More Rational Than Anything In Today’s Washington

While once a political standard bearer for the conservative movement within the Republican party and a man whom conservatives in the US could set their watch to, former US Senator Barry Goldwater now reads like a political enigma, twenty years after his death in 1998. Goldwater rose to prominence as […]

Russia Continues To Be Blamed For The Fact That Most Americans Are Too Stupid To Realise The Only Thing Perfect About Their System Is That It’s Perfectly Rigged

Joseph Stalin once said, “Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem”. According to this logic, if the US decided to use its nuclear arsenal to destroy Russia, the US wouldn’t have the problems with its “democracy” that it has at present, as all of the […]