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Modi’s Office Was Very Misleading About His Conversation With Putin

According to the Kremlin’s official website, President Putin never said anything about “Russia’s steadfast support for India’s efforts to protect its interests against cross-border terror attacks”, but that didn’t stop Prime Minister Modi’s office from misleadingly implying that he did as India continues doing whatever it can to save face […]

Russia Officially Returns To South Asia By Offering To Host Indo-Pak Peace Talks

Russia’s 21st-century grand strategy of becoming the supreme “balancing” force in Afro-Eurasia is one major step closer to fruition after Foreign Minister Lavrov offered to host peace talks between India and Pakistan, proving that Russia’s refusal to take sides between its decades-long and newfound partners is part and parcel of […]

Russia Regards The “Indo-Pacific Region” As An “Artificially Imposed” Pro-US Concept

Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov strongly spoke out against the US’ so-called “Indo-Pacific” concept that’s recently become very popular among Indian strategists, remarking that it’s ”artificially imposed” and conditioned on containing China.  From “Conspiracy Theory” To Strategic Fact Routinely dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by hyper-jingoist Indian commentators, none other […]

North Korean Media’s Assessment of China and Russia’s Relations With America is Indicative of Pyongyang’s Aspirations With Each

The DPRK’s (North Korea) Pyongyang Times newspaper is an English and French language weekly aimed at conveying news to broad based international audiences, mainly outside of Asia. As is the case with most such outlets, the Pyongyang Times seeks not only to offer international news from a North Korean perspective, […]

Moscow’s Afghan Conference Is Postponed: Undignified Defeat Or Strategic Delay?

The abrupt postponement of next week’s Afghan conference in Moscow might look like an undignified Russian defeat in the face of a dangerous American provocation this morning, but it’s actually a strategic delay intended to make the outcome more fruitful by potentially including Kabul in this framework. Russian Foreign Minister […]

Russia to Cooperate With Lebanon in Repatriating Syrian Refugees

While most nations have a clearly defined set of relations with their neighbours and other international partners, Lebanon’s sectarian political system has prohibited the country from having a uniform policy towards Syria. On one end of the spectrum governing coalition member Hezbollah has sent its fighters from Lebanon into Syria […]