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Kim And Trump Were Not Alone – Lee Kuan Yew Was Very Much Present Throughout The Singapore Summit

Singapore was chosen as the venue for the historic summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump for many practical reasons, including comparative proximity to the DPRK vis-a-vis the preferred European destinations of US peace conference organisers but also because Singapore could guarantee the safety of both leaders. Moreover, Singapore’s neutral […]

Liberal American Critics of The Kim-Trump Summit Are The New Far Right; CNN is The New John Birch Society

Prior to the late 1950s, mainstream conservatism in the United States (outside of the south) championed free enterprise domestically, was sceptical of the growth in government and was fiscally conservative. So far – so familiar to anyone whose stereotype of modern American conservatism was formed in the Reagan years. But […]

Trump Confirms He Will Meet Kim Jong-un on 12 June in Singapore While Expressing Arrogant Disdain at Kim-Lavrov Meeting

After meeting with two officials form the government of the DPRK, US President Donald Trump has confirmed that the 12 June Summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore will take place as originally scheduled. This comes in the wake of confusion over Trump’s letter from last week declaring the summit cancelled […]