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Revenge of The Nerds: How Silicon Valley Outcasts Stole Our Liberty

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram have just banned another wave of commentators including gay right-winger Milo Yiannopoulos, conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson, black civil rights activist and anti-Zionist Louis Farrakhan and pro-Zionist right winger Laura Loomer. Additionally, the politically active actor James Woods was blocked from Twitter. This latest round […]

The IN-US Plot Against The RF-PK Partnership Got Facebook To Ban Pakistani Pages

Facebook’s decision to ban 103 Pakistani pages earlier this week might have been done in order to comply with India’s new domestic legislation prohibiting “unlawful” content on social media such as the “inconvenient” information that would have presumably been shared on those pages debunking the country’s Bollywood-like lies about the […]

Social Media And The Commodification of Nations: How Geopolitical Analysis Became Fantasy Football

The age of mass media which has its roots in the newspaper revolution of the 19th century helped to democratise access to information first in the industrialised urban world and later beyond these initial boundaries. As the spread of electricity continued throughout the early 20th century, film, radio and later […]

Will Interacting With The “Wrong” Post Get You Sent To Facebook Jail?

A recent Reuters report about the supposed prevalence of so-called “fake news” ahead of Mexico’s upcoming election this weekend quotes an anonymous Facebook employee who alleged that people are being paid to like, share, and comment on posts, which disturbingly suggests that the company might take punitive action against users […]