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The Return of The Balangiga Bells is a Victory For Duterte’s Policy of Non-Aligned Multilateralism

The Balangiga Bells return to their rightful owners  In 1901, American soldiers seized the bells of the Church of San Lorenzo de Martir in Balangiga, Eastern Samar, during the violent Philippine-American war. The bells remained on US soil as largely forgotten war trophies although for many Filipinos the long awaited return of […]

By Provoking China, Britain’s Navy Officially Makes Brexit an Economic Disaster

Unwarranted military provocations are a counterproductive course of action in any circumstance, but when such provocations are conducted against an economically and militarily superior power located on the other side of the globe, such provocations are foolish and self-defeating in the extreme. On the 31st of August British Royal Naval […]

America Needs The Philippines More Than The Philippines Needs America – Duterte Has Made it So

From Russia with subs  In spite of American objections, The Philippines is continuing discussions with Russia regarding the purchase of submarines as part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drive to modernise the Philippine navy.  Since the initial US admonition of The Philippines for its talks with Russia, the US has formally […]