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Pro-Palestine Activists Have Fallen Into a US Trap by Provoking South East Asian, African and Latin American Nations

When Guatemala followed the United States and moved its Embassy to “Israel” from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem/Al-Quds, there was palpable indignation among the pro-Palestinian on-line activist community. But in an age where open economic bribery from both Washington and Tel Aviv was the clear motivational factor behind Guatemala’s move, one […]

4 Things Rodrigo Duterte Did to Make The Philippines the World’s Top Investment Destination

A recent survey from US News and World Report tabulated the top countries to invest in in 2018. The survey relied on statistics from the World Bank in conjunction with criteria develop by Donald Trump’s alma-mater, the Wharton School of business, as well as Y&R’s BAV Group. The results demonstrate that South […]

JFK’s Concealed History

John F. Kennedy’s legacy sees countless streets, buildings and statues emblazoned with his name across first world nations. Such unquestioning glorification has shielded much of the reality from public eyes, while reinforcing elite Western power. The successful results suggest one obvious thing: how remarkably successful propaganda can be, even when […]