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Pakistan’s Response to India’s West Asia Hegemon Ambitions: Do or Die

Fledgling states located in regions filled with ideological, religious and ethnic strife, territorial disputes and various unfinished agendas have very little margin for error if they wish to preserve their security. The conception of security by such states must be dynamic and multifaceted and allotted a geospatial and chronological dimension […]

Iran Confirms Taliban Meeting – Thus Demonstrating Just How Much Regional Politics Has Changed

When in 1996, the Taliban proclaimed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after taking power in Kabul, Iran became a prominent regional supporter of the opposition Northern Alliance. Iran had long feared that the primarily ethnic-Pashtun and Sunni Muslim Taliban would treat culturally Persianate as well as Shi’a Muslim minorities in […]

Afghan Peace Talks in UAE Prove That America Needs Pakistan More Than Pakistan Needs America

It is difficult to imagine a successful Afghan peace process that did not both involve transparent negotiations between moderate Taliban representatives and peace minded members of the current Kabul government. Likewise, it would be fanciful to assume that such a thing could happen without Pakistan fostering an atmosphere of peace […]

What’s India After In Afghanistan?

India is an illegitimate stakeholder that has no natural geographic or historical interests in Afghanistan, but it’s precisely for this reason why it’s best positioned to play the spoiler there by exploiting long-term expectations about the Chabahar Corridor in order to trick Russia into promoting the de-facto “internal partition” of […]