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By Invoking India-Israel Relations, Pakistani Politicians Have Finally Learned The Art of Soft Power

For decades, Pakistan has been cursed with political leaders who seemed incapable of grasping the importance of soft power as a tool for accomplishing important strategic goals without incurring any material expense. Last month however, the penny dropped and now the PTI government appears to be gradually mastering the art […]

Duterte The Humanitarian is Ready to Accept Rohingya Refugees

Recent years have seen tensions in Myanmar’s Rakhine state once again flare up as non-state Buddhist¬† militias and non-state Muslim militias have attacked one another whilst thousands of civilians have been caught in the crossfire. Throughout this process, the Tatmadaw (Myanmar’s armed forces) has attempted (but often failed) to strike […]

Imran Khan’s Visit to China Represents a Crucial Moment in Halting The West’s Sinophobic Propaganda in The Muslim World

Ever since Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the Belt and Road initiative in 2013, western policy makers and their de-facto propagandists across corporate media outlets have been looking for a Sinophobic narrative through which to persuade the nations of Asia and Africa to shun Beijing’s flagship project for modern global […]