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Here’s How The Latakia Tragedy – Nay, Conspiracy! – Might Have Played Out

Well-intentioned guesswork (a.k.a. “conspiracy theorizing”) argued on a rational basis could present a plausible explanation for a seemingly inexplicable event whose official narrative doesn’t seem to add up amidst an ever-increasing number of inconsistencies.  There are a plethora of theories about what happened on the fateful night of 17 September […]

The Day That Many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” Turned On Russia Because Of “Israel”

Observing the frenzy of hateful attacks that were directed against Russia yesterday by some of those on social media who earlier claimed to be its “supporters”, it’s safe to say that many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” never really cared for the country in and of itself but were misled by Alt-Media dogma […]

A Rejection of the Russia Pacific by Small Minded Soviet Fossils is Tantamount to Treason Against Young Russians

In the aftermath of the Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed a new era in north-east Asian cooperation which includes the renaissance of Sino-Russian relations, a coming rapprochement between Japan and Russia and possibly even between Japan and China. Finally, this strategy for a new […]

Idlib is Not About “Assad vs. NATO” – Idlib is About Turkish Influence vs. American Grandiosity

Never mind the drama  In spite of increasing Ankara vs. Washington disagreements in a variety of areas ranging from Ankara’s firm commitment to purchase Russian made S-400 missile defence systems to the continued US alliance with the YPG/PKK terror group in Syria, when it comes to the status of Syria’s […]

Roger Waters Urges West to Remember Russia’s Mass Sacrifice Against Fascism on Eve of St. Petersburg Concert

Pink Floyd co-founder, principle composer and exclusive lyricist Roger Waters has never been one to shy away from the towering political, philosophical and ethical questions of the day. A long time opponent of fascism, aggressive war and inhumane social conditions across the world, Waters has for over a decade devoted […]