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Russian Opposition Leader Zhirinovsky says “Israel” and Ukraine Were Created to Provoke International Problems

Veteran Russian opposition leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky has criticised the artificial creations of states as a means of provoking geopolitical conflict. In a statement before the Russian State Duma, Zhirinovsky said the following, “Soon we will celebrate 70 years since the establishment of the […]

Russia Requires Market Socialism With Russian Characteristics – Not Americanism or Nostalgia

Russia’s first Presidential debate did not live up to its potential for the very reason that there was only one genuinely experienced, learned and visionary candidate who was debating a combination of has-beens, nobodies and one scandalous provocateur. The clear intellectual winner of the debate was Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the […]

In 2014, Russian Opposition Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky Foretold How Russia Ought To Respond To America’s New Nuclear Doctrine

In early 2014, Russia had yet to commence its anti-terrorism operation in Syria, but Moscow heeded the wishes of Crimean Russians who sought democratic re-unification with the Russian Federation. Just three years after then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sold Russia’s longtime Libyan ally down the river by failing to veto […]