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Roger Waters Urges West to Remember Russia’s Mass Sacrifice Against Fascism on Eve of St. Petersburg Concert

Pink Floyd co-founder, principle composer and exclusive lyricist Roger Waters has never been one to shy away from the towering political, philosophical and ethical questions of the day. A long time opponent of fascism, aggressive war and inhumane social conditions across the world, Waters has for over a decade devoted […]

Alleged US Defunding of White Helmets Isn’t a Mea Culpa – Trump is Just Passing the Cost To The True Believers

Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the US government is to cut its funding to the White Helmets, an infamous group operating in Syria that stands accused of faking multiple “chemical attacks” in order to generate support for pro-Takfiri strikes against the Syrian Arab Republic. First of all, the nature of […]

Saudi Billionaire Tried to Recruit Roger Waters to Support White Helmets in 2016- Waters Refused

Roger Waters continues to make headlines for his impassioned denunciation of the pro-Takfiri propaganda group White Helmets. Prior to encores at his performance on the 13th of April in Barcelona, Waters condemned the White Helmets as “a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists”. He further encouraged […]

Mainstream Media Use These Words and Phrases to Numb The Public and Silence Opposition

While mainstream media, whether state-owned or in the private sector (for-profit or otherwise) often tell outright lies in order to justify the foreign and domestic policy making decisions of the political elite to whom they are financially, socially or unconsciously beholden, often times they do not even have to go […]

Like Clockwork: Russia Accurately Predicts White Helmets False Flag in Attempt to Destroy Ceasefire

Yesterday, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that the Al-Qaeda aligned White Helmets propaganda group were preparing a false flag chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta. After Russian intelligence learned that the White Helmets were passing out crude gas masks and other chemical weapons related paraphernalia, Moscow issued the following statement, “Evidence has […]