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Croatian Footballer Who Chanted Far Right Ukrainian Slogan in Russia is Neither Fined Nor Suspended

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has made a controversial decision to neither fine nor suspend Croatian footballer Domagoj Vida who shouted a slogan in a selfie video made in Sochi after his team’s victory over the Russian team. During a widely circulated video Domagoj Vida shouted a slogan that is […]

The Unspoken Geopolitical Overtones of Russia’s World Cup Victory Over Spain

Yesterday, Russia defied all expectations by defending against the football powerhouse that is Spain. After no team scored in extra time, the match went to a penalty shoot-out where Russia ultimately clenched victory, thereby forcing the exit of Spain from international football’s biggest tournament. But while the match is already […]

Football Diplomacy: Russian President Invites Abbas AND Netanyahu to World Cup Final in Moscow

News has broken that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and “Israeli” leader Benjamin Netanyahu to the World Cup Final which will be held in Moscow on the 15th of July. While neither leader has confirmed attendance, the move is clearly one designed to informally initiate Russian […]