Erdogan Announces New Anti-PKK Terror Op East of The Euphrates to Begin in Days

Erdogan announces forthcoming military operations in north-eastern Syria  Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that the armed forces of the country will commence a new anti-terror operation east of the River Euphrates in Syria. While such an operation has long been discussed and while Ankara has been very clear about […]

This Thanksgiving, Americans Should be Not be Thankful That Their Government is Arming Terrorists in Syria

The United States public holiday of Thanksgiving is among the most peculiar of celebrations as it commemorates a brief moment of peace when native Americans of the Wampanoag people fed English colonists who were unfamiliar with many of the foodstuffs of what is now the north-eastern United States. This moment of […]

The United States Cannot Have it Both Ways With Turkey

After Donald Trump Tweeted that French President Emmanuel Macron’s earlier statement suggesting that a pan-European army should be created in order to counter multiple “threats” including from the United States was “insulting”, it became immediately clear that the pseudo-G20 style summit masquerading as a war memorial in Paris was going to […]

Understanding The Significance of Turkey’s Forthcoming Anti-Terror Operation East of The Euphrates

Erdogan announces forthcoming military operations in north-eastern Syria  Turkey has conducted three major military operations in Syria since the beginning of the long running conflict in the Arab Republic. The first took place in 2016 during which time Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Sheild established a Turkish zone of influence in north […]

Russia Winks At Turkey By Recognizing The Turkoman Community In Syria

Russia’s acknowledgement of the Turkoman community in northern Syria and its victimization by US-backed Kurdish forces is an important milestone that hints at how the tense situation in that part of the country might be resolved through Moscow’s diplomatic mediation in the future. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria […]

President Assad’s Amnesty Decree Is Helpful, But Not Everyone Will Follow It

The world should welcome President Assad’s latest decree granting amnesty to military deserters inside and outside of the country, but observers shouldn’t forget that it isn’t a new initiative and might therefore not be observed by the parties that matter most because they ignored his government’s identical outreaches over the […]