The Arab League’s Insulting Statement About Turkey is a Symptom of Desperation Leading to Foolishness

The Arab League has long been described by ordinary Arabs themselves as an impotent, useless and even shamefully discredited institution. Originally formed in 1945 to bolster economic and diplomatic cooperation throughout the vast Arab world, today it has been reduced to a shell of its former self. Against this background, […]

Today’s Bombing in Manbij Ought to Convince Trump to Act Like Reagan And Bring The Boys Back Home

A moment of decision for Donald Trump  Four Americans including two soldiers, one Department of Defense official and a US “civilian contractor” believed to have been an intelligence agent, have been killed after an apparent suicide bomb was detonated in the northern Syrian city of Manbij earlier today. The blast […]

Erdoğan Denies John Bolton Meeting After US National Security Advisor’s Tantrum in Israel

John Bolton has abruptly left Turkey after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan refused to meet with him. The Turkish President’s rebuffing of Bolton came after the US National Security Advisor’s meeting in Israel with Benjamin Netanyahu. In Israel, Bolton stated that a condition for America’s planned troop withdrawal from north-eastern Syria would […]