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Imran Khan Has Shown More Diplomatic Maturity in Four Months Than Many Leaders do After Decades

The still fresh faced Imran Khan has only been Pakistan’s Prime Minister since August of this year, yet his diplomatic skills and ability to balance good relations between multiple rivalling powers has already proven that Imran has eschewed the ideological bent that defined some of his childish predecessors and has […]

This Year’s BRICS Summit is All About Sino-African Cooperation and The Triumph of BRICS+

Mao’s Three Worlds versus the West’s Three World Model  In 1974, China’s future leader Deng Xiaoping addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in his then position as Chinese’s Vice Premier. It was here that Deng preceded to explain Mao Zedong’s Three Worlds Theory to his global audience. Delivered during […]

Chinese President Xi’s Visit to The UAE Offers Hope to The Arab World and Horn of Africa

Chinese President Xi Jinping and a substantial delegation of ministers which included State Councilor/Foreign Minister Wang Yi, have just completed a state visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). During the meeting, the UAE expressed interest in working cooperatively with China in fields as diverse as hi-technology development, energy and goods and […]

Gulfi Arabs Try to Buy Jordan’s Loyalty in Move to Quash Amman’s Potential Multipolarity

As Jordan sinks deeper into debt and economic stagnation, some of the Arab worlds’ wealthiest nations have offered what amounts to a bailout for Amman’s long brewing economic troubles that have recently reached a breaking point. Jordan’s economic recession has inspired social discontent as an increase in already high (by regional […]

He Lives! MBS’ First Foreign Trip Since His Disappearance Will Be To Moscow

Exposing the rumors about his supposed “death” as nothing more than fake news spread by his fearful enemies in the region, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s first foreign trip since emerging from his suspicious disappearance will be to Moscow, where President Putin is keen to strengthen his country’s partnership […]