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In Fascist Societies, Neutrality is Considered Treason – In Today’s Liberal West, Things Are Worryingly Similar

In a free society, both public and private figures are assumed to like somethings, dislike others and be indifferent to that many more. As such, the decent and democratic thing to do is to assume that a public figure is neutral when it comes to taking a position on an […]

Filial Piety is The Key to a Nation’s Sustainability

Politics, economics and diplomacy accomplish little if they do not constantly evolve in order to meet the specific needs of the day. Whilst politics necessarily shapes the world, the political environment is also widely shaped by trends which are out of the control of political leaders or indeed any specific […]

Crisis Management: India, Pakistan And India

At the core of this piece is an exploration of the different ways in which both real and manufactured crises are managed by three large Asian countries that have dominated the headlines throughout 2019. India  The key to decoding Indian crisis management is an understanding of the concept of plausible […]

Managing Expectations Prior to The G20

This year’s G20 summit in Japan comes amid rising tensions in the Persian Gulf, a US-China trade war that is becoming more monolithic by the day, a Korean peace process that has been somewhat forgotten by the world’s chattering classes and an overall negative feeling that could be accidentally magnified […]

Trump’s Tweet Is A Good Pretext To Operationalize The Arabian Aspect Of W-CPEC+

It’s inevitable that CPEC’s economic momentum will lead to it strategically expanding into the Gulf, so China and Pakistan should use Trump’s latest tweet urging countries to militarily protect their own oil tankers there to operationalize the Arabian aspect of W-CPEC+ and indirectly counter India’s (and possibly soon even its […]