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Wilfredo Keng Deserves The Sympathy of The World

While Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is putting her education in theatre to good use by perpetuating a victim narrative regarding her lawful arrest by Philippine authorities earlier this week, there is actually a genuine victim in the entire saga and his honour ought to be upheld, not least because of […]

Executing The UN Mandated Plebiscite in Kashmir Would be Even Better For India Than For Pakistan

It is incredibly unfortunate that Indian politicians even hinting at a more mild approach to the Kashmir question are accused of everything from treason to insanity by much of Indian media, as well as by mainstream Indian politicians. But the fact is that contrary to conventional thinking, a Jammu and Kashmir […]

The Grand Tour’s China Episode is a Surprising Breath of Fresh Air

When Amazon’s original show The Grand Tour revealed that its presenters had filmed an episode in China, anyone already worried about the current state of China-US/EU relations may well have felt uneasy. The show’s presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are notorious for insulting, degrading and showing a total lack […]

There is a Big Difference Between Legalising Cannabis And Normalising Cannabis

I believe that ultimately, cannabis should be legalised, taxed and in cases where it used for medicinal purposes, proscribed in favour of more costly and potentially more harmful synthetic medications. Although I am personally against the use of all drugs, marijuana’s effects tend to be far less impactful than that […]

American “Progressives” Support Civil Liberties as The Rope Supports The Hanging Man

In the year 2001, what ought to be called the most controversial legislation in the history of the United States was rapidly passed through Congress with few objections. The Patriot Act was an almost entirely unconstitutional expansion of American governmental power, all of which could be and subsequently has been […]

Brexit Britain Should be Trading Freely With China – Not Threatening China With War

Even a child would know that one cannot have a friendship with someone whilst simultaneously threatening them with lethal force. And yet, whilst Brexit Britain is very much in need of a dynamic trading partner like China, British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson has taken a bizarre approach to Anglo-Chinese relations. […]