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Italy Puts Win-Win Over Dead Ends by Joining Belt and Road

Ever since Italy became a unified state in the 1860s, it has had a far more nuanced relationship with its European rivals and partners than readily meets the eye. Whilst Italy attempted to join fellow western and central European powers in colonising parts of Africa, Italy’s attempts to do so […]

If Rodrigo Duterte Were in Charge of Brexit – Britain Would Already be Out of The EU With a Clean Break

Duterte’s quotes on sovereignty Rodrigo Duterte has delivered on his promise to withdraw The Philippines from the International Criminal Court (ICC). As a staunch defender of Philippine sovereignty, Duterte had no time for an international body meddling in the domestic affairs of his nation and particularly one with a track […]

Trump Contradicts Bolton on DPRK Sanctions

On the 21st of March, US National Security Advisor John Bolton took to Twitter to proclaim his support for new sanctions against the DPRK (North Korea). Important actions today from @USTreasury; the maritime industry must do more to stop North Korea’s illicit shipping practices. Everyone should take notice and review […]

Now That Daesh is Destroyed, The International Community Must Focus on Defeating The PKK

Donald Trump has announced that the Daesh terror organisation has been destroyed as a paramilitary unit and pseudo-state. As such, there is no longer an excuse for the international community to ignore the dangers of the PKK and its regional affiliates. Since the late 1970s, the PKK has claimed 40,000 […]

Adam Garrie’s Message For Pakistan Day

On the 23rd of March, 1940, a decision was made to transform the lives of those seeking a better future, an independent future and a peaceful future for the Muslims of south Asia. The epoch making Lahore Declaration was itself an outgrowth of Choudhary Rahmat Ali’s Declaration which asked: “Now […]

Russia’s “Deep State” Divisions Over South Asia Are Spilling Over Into The Public

Russia’s “deep state” has been deeply divided over South Asian affairs for the past few years already, but the Indophile “Traditionalists’” fierce competition for influence over the rising policymaking appeal of the Kabulov-led “Progressive” faction is unprecedentedly spilling over into the public sphere through their increasingly intense lobbying efforts that […]

So What If Trump “Recognizes” “Israel’s” Annexation Of The Golan? 

Who really cares what Trump says when nobody’s words one way or the other are going to change the reality that “Israel” probably won’t be dislodged from the occupied Golan Heights anytime soon, especially not when Russian troops are enforcing an anti-Iranian “buffer zone” there and Moscow itself strongly suggested […]

Golan Heights: Trump Breaks a Taboo But Hardly Breaks The News

Since the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, Syria’s Golan Heights have been illegally occupied by Israel whilst in 1981 Tel Aviv moved to formally annex the territory. Today, although internationally recognised as occupied territory of the Syrian Arab Republic’s Quneitra Governorate, the Golan Heights pragmatically functions as part of Israel, complete […]