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China is Not Anti-American – It is Deceitful to Say Otherwise

China is a country that admires success whether internally or internationally. Indeed it was Deng Xiaopin’s drive to learn from global best practices in industry whilst retaining indigenous cultural characteristics that laid the crucial foundation for China’s rise as an economic superpower. As China now looks to become more of […]

Khalistan Is A Pro-Sikh, Not “Pro-Pakistan”, Movement

Indian officials and their media allies have attempted to smear the Referendum 2020 campaign for an independent Khalistan as a “pro-Pakistan” movement, but it’s actually an indigenous pro-Sikh one that even criticized Islamabad for curtailing its activities earlier this year, thus proving that New Delhi is deceiving the world with […]

After SONA, Duterte Must Take Constitutional Reform/Charter Change Directly to The People

Condescending voices continue to state that The Philippines is “not ready” for constitutional reform and worse yet that the Filipino people aren’t equipped to understand the reforms that are at stake. These insulting and borderline racist points of view defy both logic and good political strategy. In terms of the […]

Donald Trump’s Remarks on Hong Kong Are an Expression of Realism

Donald Trump’s press conference delivered whilst hosting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was highly instructive on multiple levels. Although issues regarding the US relationship to Pakistan as well as issues relating to neighbouring India, Afghanistan and Iran featured heavily in the lengthy exchange with the press, Trump’s remark on Hong […]

Modi Has No One To Blame But Himself For The Successful Khan-Trump Summit

Modi disastrously bungled India’s famous policy of so-called “non-alignment” over the past year and ensured that the summit between Pakistani Prime Minister Khan and US President Trump was an unprecedented success in changing the strategic chessboard in South Asia. Afghanistan, Trade, And Kashmir All of Eurasia is still trying to […]

Boris Johnson: Not Britain’s Trump But Britain’s Arnold Schwarzenegger

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two men that seemingly have many more differences than similarities. Schwarzenegger is famous for lifting weights whilst Johnson is famous for lifting wine glasses. Johnson is famous for boasting an incredibly substantial vocabulary whilst Schwarzenegger’s heavily accented English is famed for its Spartan qualities. […]