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Liberalism (a poem)

They abolished shame after the war In the afterglow of our last moment of pride Content forevermore to never know That permissiveness requires no one to abide. They abolished the noose but not the murderer Council houses for every burglar An adulterer’s paradise were the chaste are mocked The floodgates […]

Energy Self-Sufficiency Avoids Wars – The Green Cult Starts Them

The environmental movement is not explicitly pro-war and at times its loudest advocates have even been openly anti-war. But when it comes to what green parties and mainstream parties enacting green legislation actively accomplish, the story becomes quite different. It is easy to passionately scream “no war for oil” but […]

Liberal Remoaners Do Not Even Realise Why People Are Outraged by Their EU Flag Stunt

Sir Henry J. Wood was Britain’s first professional orchestral conductor, but he was much more than that. Sir Henry was a thoroughly modern late Victorian musician who used Britain’s world-leading rail network to conduct performances of all varieties throughout the country. In this initial period of his prolific career, Sir […]

The Latest “Putinyahu Rusrael” Summit Was The Most Important Yet

The outcome of the latest “Putinyahu Rusrael” summit was the most important yet because the Russian leader publicly agreed that his “Israeli” counterpart has “first-hand knowledge” of “what terrorism is about” and his Foreign Minister dramatically announced that the War on Syria is finally over, both of which have enormous […]

Russia’s “Multilateral Strategic Stability” Proposal Could Bring “Balance” To South Asia

Russian media reported that the “multilateral strategic stability” proposal by some of the country’s leading experts to actively prevent a military confrontation between nuclear powers runs counter to Moscow’s current foreign policy, though its possible promulgation would represent a victory by the “Progressive” faction of its “deep state” over the […]