Author: Adam Garrie

It is Impossible to be a Conservative Whilst Denying That Hong Kong is China

There are multiple reasons why proclaiming to be a genuine conservative (note the small ‘c’) whilst supporting rioting and  separatism in Hong Kong are mutually exclusive positions. Most apparently, seeing as social conservatism is built upon the foundation of respect for law and order and a complete rejection of mob […]

The Philippines Must Change Its Political System in Order to Change Its Political Culture

Transparency International has released the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index which ranks the nations of the world by widely held perceptions regarding corruption in the public sector. Of note is the fact that the top ten nations and beyond all have parliamentary political systems while the bottom ten and beyond each […]

The Problem With Pan-Europeanism

Of the many great follies inherent in political pan-Europeanism, the varied and necessarily hostile concepts of nationhood across Europe are the most intractable. As such, these follies are better defined as a monolithic problem that has been made worse by an attempt at a solution – a solution that since […]

Europe’s Freedom Was Secured by Pakistan

In November of 1989 ordinary Germans began physically tearing down the Berlin Wall whilst soldiers of the DDR (East German) stood by doing nothing. Throughout Europe, communist regimes that had been imposed on largely non-consenting populations were falling and global media remarked on the fact that all of it happened […]