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Jeremy Corbyn is Criticised For His Principles But it is His Selling Out of His Principles That Will Cost Him Power

Jeremy Corbyn is frequently criticised for his principled and allegedly controversial positions on foreign affairs. As such, he has been accused of being everything from a communist agent of espionage, to an Islamist terrorist sympathiser, to an IRA sympathiser, to a hater of Jews. This is all rather heavy fare […]

Personal Attacks on Boris Johnson Could Accidentally Turn Him Into a True Brexiteer

Boris Johnson continues to be subject to personal attacks from all sides of the political spectrum. Although in terms of background Johnson is part of the English establishment, clearly his freewheeling spirit, improvisational political style and gaff prone rhetoric has earned him multiple enemies within the upper political (rather than […]

Jeremy Corbyn Should Apologise For Insulting Decent People Who Disagree With His Broken Party

It was something of a foregone conclusion that last week’s European elections in the UK were going to result in a dismal result for the ruling (just) Conservative party as well as the utterly divided Labour opposition. But while the Tories mercifully refrained from actively campaigning in elections they knew […]