Tariffs For Nothing (parody)

Music by Mark Knopfler and Sting – Lyrics by Adam Garrie Now look at them tariffs, that’s not the way you do it Banning Huawei cuz of “security” That ain’t workin’, that’s not he way you do it Tariffs for consumers left without 5G. Now that ain’t workin’, that’s not […]

First The Silicon-Industrial Complex Came For The First Amendment – Now It is Waging a Very Serious Cold War Against China

Today the world knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is in fact a Silicon-Industrial Complex.  Beginning around the time of Donald Trump’s election, one which was incidentally opposed by the vast majority of oligarchs in Silicon Valley, companies including Facebook and its subsidiaries, Apple, Alphabet (the parent […]

Idlib-Based Uighur Terrorists Threatened Russian Forces In Syria

The so-called “Turkistan Islamic Party”, the Syrian branch of the Uighur-led terrorist group previously known as the “East Turkestan Islamic Movement”, threatened to deal Russia a defeat akin to the one that its Soviet predecessor experienced in Afghanistan, demonstrating the transnational danger that this group has become and consequently explaining […]

Exclusive Interview: Hybrid War, The New Album From Malvina

Brazilian band Malvina have just released their new album Hybrid War. Frequent readers of these pages will already be familiar with the themes explored on the band’s new album. Adam Garrie recently interviewed brothers Vini (bass/vocals) and Berman Berbert (guitar/vocals) about the band’s history, future goals and the new album. Below […]

Federal-Parliamentary Advocates in The Philippines Have Ideas – Anti-Reformists Have Only Illogical Fearmongering

After one has spent substantial time reviewing online and real life discussions about the need to transform The Philippines from its current convoluted presidential system into a straightforward Singapore style parliamentary system at a national level, with the added element of creating parliaments in new federal units of the country, […]

Major General Asif Ghafoor: Army Will Protect CPEC

China and Pakistan inaugurated relations with one another in 1951 and since then, the elements necessary for a sustainable all-weather partnership have firmly taken root. Pakistan and China’s relations have always been based on neighbourly respect, economic exchange, technological cooperation, common security goals and enlightened cultural exchange. Today, the partnership […]

Pakistan is at War But its Political, Financial And Media Elite Are Asleep

When western currency speculators began exerting calculated pressure against the lira throughout 2018, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was quick to say that the west was waging “economic war” against Turkey. Erdoğan is equally straight forward when discussing the serious threats from non-state terror groups and state backed terror groups […]