MBS’ Asia Tour Is Much More Than A Post-Khashoggi Photo-Op

Many have dismissed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Asia tour to Pakistan, India, and China as nothing more than a post-Khashoggi photo-op to shore up international support, but it’s actually about much more than that because of its religious, economic, and geopolitical dimensions. There’s little doubt that Saudi Crown […]

Tsai Ing-wen is a Political Dinosaur Holding Back Positive Cross-Straits Relations

In 2018’s local elections, Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was heavily defeated throughout the island. In 2018, the opposition Kuomintang came out of the elections with control of 15 cities while the DPP was left with only six. This is significant because each of the two main parties have increasingly […]

Duterte Just Boosted Entrepreneurialism in a Big Way – FDI Modernisation Must Follow

Prior to this week, The Philippines maintained an archaic law which effectively banned corporation soles (sometimes called sole traderships) from operating in the country. The old restrictions negatively impacted those wanting to start small businesses by requiring five or more private shareholders before one could register a corporation in The Philippines. […]

Duterte is Fighting Super-Rich Media Barons on Behalf Not Just of Filipinos, But of Free People Everywhere

After confirming that Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is a US citizen who only became a citizen of The Philippines as recently as 2004, journalist and former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao has authored a detailed piece which paints a substantial timeline of Ressa’s career in broadcast and print media. One of the […]

Russia’s Nuclear Energy Edge Got The US To Cut Ethical Corners With The Saudis

One of the latest American scandals revolves around former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged breach of ethical norms in trying to secretly push through a nuclear energy deal with the Saudis which might have even been illegal if he tried to circumvent the so-called “123 agreement”, though his partnered […]