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A Day After Insulting Veterans, The French Government Insults Turkish Dignity

The French Foreign Minister has denied being given recordings documenting the moment Saudi officials at their Consulate in Istanbul brutally murdered dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This came just as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that his government had been given verified copies of the recordings from Turkey. Hours later, Germany […]

The United States Cannot Have it Both Ways With Turkey

After Donald Trump Tweeted that French President Emmanuel Macron’s earlier statement suggesting that a pan-European army should be created in order to counter multiple “threats” including from the United States was “insulting”, it became immediately clear that the pseudo-G20 style summit masquerading as a war memorial in Paris was going to […]

Pakistan Invites Turkey to Join CPEC in Move That Will Strengthen Global Connectivity And Shared Prosperity

Pakistan makes an important move to strengthen friendship with Turkey  The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has helped Pakistan to at long last take advantage of its strategic location as the multi-climatic ‘zipper of Asia’. In so doing, Pakistan is now the trading fulcrum that helps to link the Pacific with […]

The Israeli Led Anti-Turkish Alliance in The Eastern Mediterranean is Now Official

Formed in 2015, the fledgling Craiova Group is a partnership between Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania aimed at fostering deeper cooperation between the four south-eastern European nations. While the group has generally been far less notable in terms of its aims and accomplishments vis-a-vis the Three Seas Initiative linking Baltic eastern […]

Erdogan’s Staunch Independence Pays Off: Turkey to be Granted Sanctions Waiver Over Iranian Oil

While today’s headlines have been dominated by the long awaited moment when the US has officially re-imposed all pre-2015 sanctions against Iran as well as new Trump era sanctions, the far more crucial story in respect of immediate global developments surrounds the question of ‘which eight countries will receive sanctions […]

Pakistan Affirms Opposition to FETO and PKK – Vows to Deepen Ties With Turkey

While the Pakistani head of government is the Prime Minister, the Republic’s ceremonial presidential head of state traditionally occupies the role of the country’s foremost ambassador to the wider world. As such, when sitting President  Arif Alvi travelled to Istanbul for discussions with high level Turkish officials, he elaborated on the […]

Understanding The Significance of Turkey’s Forthcoming Anti-Terror Operation East of The Euphrates

Erdogan announces forthcoming military operations in north-eastern Syria  Turkey has conducted three major military operations in Syria since the beginning of the long running conflict in the Arab Republic. The first took place in 2016 during which time Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Sheild established a Turkish zone of influence in north […]