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India Implied That Trump Is Surrendering To The Taliban To Win Re-Election

India’s UN Representative didn’t directly say that Trump is surrendering to the Taliban to win re-election, but he strongly implied as much during a speech that he recently gave before the Security Council, with this indirect infowar attack against his country’s new military-strategic ally showing just how desperate New Delhi […]

Venezuela’s Government is Legitimate Like it or Not – Afghanistan’s is Illegitimate in Every Sense

Objective legitimacy Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro controls all of his country’s legally defined territory in spite of political protests from the opposition (many of which are being funded from abroad) –At present, the Kabul “government” of Ashraf Ghani is thought to control less than 50% of all Afghan territory whilst […]

Thursday’s RF-US-PRC Taliban Talks In Moscow Are Bad News For India

Indian strategists are watching in horror as Russian, American, and Chinese interests increasingly converge in Afghanistan, with representatives from each of those three aforementioned Great Powers meeting in Moscow on Thursday to discuss the Taliban peace process in a major diplomatic development which proves that New Delhi has become just […]

America Has Gone Full Circle in Afghanistan

America’s Special Representative for Afghan affairs,  Zalmay Khalilzad has announced that a preliminary draft agreement between the Afghan Taliban and Washington has been reached. Although it is clear that nothing has been finalised as of yet, this week’s announcement is the most throughout to-date when it comes to understanding America’s […]

Afghanistan Must be Held Responsible For Committing an Act of State Terrorism Against Civilians

Eight Pakistani labourers have been murdered in cold blood by Afghan security forces near the border between the two countries. Pakistan condemns the killing of eight innocent Pakistani tribesmen, in Paktika, Afghanistan, by Afghan security forces. — Dr Mohammad Faisal (@DrMFaisal) March 11, 2019 Whilst Pakistan has condemned the attack, […]

India’s F-16 Claims Are Designed To “Punish” Russia For Its “Balancing” Strategy

Far from being the “Russian-friendly” move that some are portraying it as, India’s false claims to have shot down a Pakistani F-16 and its voluntary initiative to share “evidence” of this with the US are designed to “punish” Russia for its “balancing” strategy in South Asia by giving America’s anti-Trump […]