People From Developing And Post-Colonial Countries Should Reject The Poison of Western Universities

Over half a century after the decolonisation movements of the 20th century, one set of western institutions continues to repress the spirit of freedom and equality within post-colonial societies. Whilst seemingly benign, western universities continue to poison the minds of thousands in post-colonial societies who believe that the sole gateway […]

Tanzania’s Decision To Suspend The Bagamoyo Port Project Is An Unfortunate Move Against Beijing

The East African country has the proud distinction of hosting China’s first modern-day Silk Road, the 1970s TAZARA railway, which is why Tanzania’s decision to suspend the $10 billion Bagamoyo port project that was supposed to be built by the People’s Republic is such a big deal and could greatly […]

Sudan: Chaos Unleashed

The ongoing events in Sudan are a perfect example of the uncontrollable chaos that can be unleashed in society following a Color Revolution, with it now becoming almost impossible to predict how the latest crisis will be resolved, if ever. Disturbing Developments “Revolutions devour their own children”, as the saying […]

Russia’s Military Deal With The Congo Republic Completes Its African Transversal

Russia’s dispatch of specialists to the Congo Republic (Congo-Brazzaville) in order to maintain military equipment completes Moscow’s plan of creating a corridor of influence across the continent from the Sudanese Red Sea coast to the Congolese Atlantic one via the Central African Republic, which therefore greatly increases the chances that […]

Exclusive Interview: Hybrid War, The New Album From Malvina

Brazilian band Malvina have just released their new album Hybrid War. Frequent readers of these pages will already be familiar with the themes explored on the band’s new album. Adam Garrie recently interviewed brothers Vini (bass/vocals) and Berman Berbert (guitar/vocals) about the band’s history, future goals and the new album. Below […]