Hollywood Should Thank Donald Trump For His Laissez-faire Approach to Hong Kong

In spite of great pressures to change course, Donald Trump has remained generally laissez-faire in his position of non-intervention in Hong Kong. In spite of being undermined by his own deep state on the matter, Trump has consistently expressed either non-interventionist or otherwise moderate views on the matter. Whilst Hollywood […]

The Abolition of Free Speech is a Betrayal of Western Civilisation

As societies became more enlightened over time, people were able to express tolerance for various ideas while admitting that no single thought process, epistemological theory, political party, spiritual guide or secular philosophy was completely correct nor completely false. This logical position regarding the nature of life and society was in […]

4 Ways Boris Johnson Can Make Brexit Happen

Boris Johnson has staked his Premiership on delivering Brexit by the deadline of 31 October. Here is how it can be accomplished. 1. Do nothingĀ  Although Parliament has passed indicative votes voicing an opposition to a WTO Brexit (aka, a no deal Brexit), this is far from a mandate from […]