Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats Are The True Winners of Labour’s Conferece

Whilst the Liberal Democratic party’s conference in Brighton wrapped up several days before the beginning of Labour’s conference in the same seaside city, the Liberals continue to dominate events due to their simple and consistent message: ‘stop Brexit entirely and return to the pre-Brexits status quo’. In this sense, much […]

The Green Movement is a Pro-War Movement

The environmental movement is not explicitly pro-war and at times its loudest advocates have even been openly anti-war. But when it comes to what green parties and mainstream parties enacting green legislation actively accomplish, the story becomes quite different. It is easy to passionately scream “no war for oil” but […]

John Bolton: A Morally And Fiscally Bankrupt Man

Yesterday, something truly magical happened in American politics. The forces of the big government, pro-war/pro-debt movement aligned to heap praise on John Bolton. Bolton of course had been Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor and by all accounts, the two men had little in common. Donald Trump ran on what passes […]