This Might Be The Beginning Of The End For The Russian-Belarusian Strategic Partnership

Belarus just suspended the shipment of light oil products from Russia to the West in the latest escalation of the unprecedented dispute between these two “Union State” “allies” in a move that might very well mark the beginning of the end for their strategic partnership. “Pulling A Ukraine” Belarus just […]

Cuba’s Next As The American Anaconda Strangles Latin American Multipolarity

The Trump Administration’s targeting of Cuba is entirely predictable and intended to increase Color Revolution pressure on the Western Hemisphere’s historic resistance leader. Cuban Context The Trump Administration announced that it will break with its predecessors and no longer stop Americans from suing foreign companies that are connected to formerly […]

Macron’s Eternal Shame

Last night should have been a time of humility for the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron. It was on his watch that his country’s most famous monument, the Notre Dame Cathedral burnt throughout the evening, causing damage that has been described as catastrophic.  But rather than express supreme  contrition […]

The Democrats Demanding The Publication of The Mueller Report Should be Supporting Julian Assange

When much of the content published by Wikileaks exposed the criminality, dishonesty and incompetence of the George W. Bush administration, many American supporters of the Democratic party cheered on Julian Assange. But when it became clear that Assange published without fear or favour, Democrats turned against him after Wikileaks released […]