Pakistan condemns US drone attack on its sovereign territory

Early this morning, an armed US drone attacked an alleged target in the Kurram area of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Since 2001, the US has conducted frequent drone strikes in Pakistan, with many such attacks killing Pakistani civilians.

Recent remarks from the Trump White House chastising Pakistan for aiding and abetting terrorism have caused severe diplomatic friction between Islamabad and Washington. China and Russia were quick to spring to Pakistan’s defence, stating the fact that Pakistan has suffered¬†disproportionately due to the instability caused from the US war in Afghanistan.

With the US downgrading its security ties to Pakistan and cutting substantial sums in “aid”, many in Islamabad are feeling increasingly fed up with the inequitable nature of its putative “alliance” with the United States.

Today’s condemnation of the US drone attack further confirms Pakistan’s unwillingness to sit idly while the US violates its sovereignty and molests its territorial unity.


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