US Forces Defy Turkey–Refuse to Vacate Kurdish Occupied City of Manbij

US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel has stated that US troops will not vacate the Kurdish occupied city of Manbij in spite of Turkey warning that in short order the Turkish Army and proxy FSA forces would arrive in the city as part of the anti-Kurdish YPG Operation Olive Branch.

Votel’s statement is in direct defiance of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s admonition to the US, that it must vacate its troops from Manbij so as to avoid being fired upon by Turkey as part of Operation Olive Branch.

Previously, Turkey’s President Erdogan and other Turkish officials have promised to pacify every Kurdish enslave in Syria all the way to the Iraqi border. Beginning in Manbij, this area is also home to many US troops and a number of illegal US military bases.

With neither Turkey nor the US willing to forfeit their positions in northern Syria, the contest for land in north east Syria between the two largest armies in NATO and their go-to proxy forces appears to be officially inaugurated. A clash between Turkey and the US is now an ever more realistic possibility.


Turkey and the US Are Worse Than Enemies–They Are Rivals

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