The Syrian Arab Republic and DPRK Look to Boost Historic Friendship

Syria has long been the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s closest ally in the Arab world. In 1974, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad paid a state visit to Pyongyang where he met with Kim Il-sung and exchanged views on a variety of issues relating to unity and cooperation among progressive governments of the world.

While Syria and Korea have very different histories, both countries are ancient civilisations and each has experienced similar triumphs and struggles in the post-colonial world. The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and Korean Workers Party each strove and continue to strive to elevate the condition of their people by placing a high priority on economic modernisation, technological development, medical advancements, universal education and equal rights among all citizens.

In 2015, as a sign of the fraternal bonds which have remained unbroken between the two countries, Syrian officials opened a new park in Damascus, named after DPRK founder and pioneer of the Juche idea, Kim Il-sung.

The park has come to represent a tranquil place in the Syrian capital whose inauguration during the present conflict in Syria, served as a reminder of the forward looking ideals of both Arabism and Juche at a time when the Arab Republic has been under attack from the regressive forces of Takfiri terrorism, Zionism, ethno-nationalism and imperialism.

Today, in Damascus, Syrian Information Minister Imad Sarah met with Jang Myong Ho, the ambassador of the DPRK to Syria. During their meeting, they discussed how to enhance further cooperation, including in the areas of mass media communication.

At a time when both the dignity and sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are under attack from reactionary and violent regimes, it is important to emphasise multi-national cooperation among progressive allies in the name of peace and economic inter-connectivity. Enhanced media cooperation between the two countries can also serve as a means of cultural exchange among two fraternal peoples.

According to the official Syrian press release regarding the meeting,

“During the meeting on Wednesday, Sarah stressed the need for enhancing media cooperation between the two countries through exchanging translated media documentaries to define what the two countries have been facing due to terrorism.

For his part,  Jang Myong reviewed means of developing and supporting media and technical work, hailing the deep-rooted bilateral relations as they are built on solid bases due to the efforts exerted by the leaderships of the two countries”.

As the conflict in Syria slowly winds down, Damascus and Pyongyang look to build upon an historic friendship which has not wavered in spite of US threats against both countries.

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