Ankara Explosion Due To Bomb Planted by Terrorist With Links To YPG

Yesterday, a large explosion destroyed much of a government tax office in the Turkish capital of Ankara. While the large explosion was initially blamed on a faulty gas line, subsequent investigations revealed that a bomb was planted in the building’s basement which later exploded. Police have obtained security camera footage showing the terrorist preparing the bomb in front of the building.

The main suspect who is now dead, is said to be 26 years old Ersen Ertogan who arrived in Turkey using a fake-ID. The terrorist had received his training in YPG occupied regions of northern Syria. Four terrorist accomplices have been detained by the authorities in Ankara.

Pro-YPG/PKK social media has called for large scale terrorist attacks on Turkey in the aftermath of Operation Olive Branch, a Turkish military action targeting YPG occupied cities in northern Syria. Turkey’s President Erdogan has vowed to neutralise all major YPG bases in Syria up to the Iraqi border. Turkey has warned the US to vacate areas of northern SYria where they have been training YPG militants. Thus far, the US has stated that it has no plans to leave the region and that if threatened, will fire upon Turkish and pro-Turkish troops. Were such a thing to happen, it would mean that the two largest armies in NATO would be engaged in an open military conflict.

While no one died in yesterday’s terrorist atrocity, deaths in the Turkish border city of Kilis have resulted from YPG rocket attacks.

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