Julian Assange Languishes While The Terrorist Fetullah Gulen Lives Freely In America

On 15 July, 2016, the FETO (Fetullah Terrorist Organization) organised a coup against the Turkish Republic which took the lives of 240, while injuring thousands. The biggest shock to the stability of 21st century Turkey ultimately failed thanks to Russian intelligence tipping off Turkey’s President Erdogan so that he could regroup and send a message to his supporters and the legitimate security services.

The FETO currently has sleeper cells throughout Turkey in spite of being banned, while it has set up operations in both Albania and the United States. The group’s founder Fetullah Gulen currently lives in exile in the United States where the authorities have not only refused to hand Gulen over to the Turkish authorities, but fail to even acknowledge his seditious organisation as a terrorist group, even though members of the FETO have been arrested in Turkey for working in American consulates.

While Gulen continues to live freely and comfortably in the US while continuing to lead the FETO, Julian Assange continues to languish in the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been living since 2012. Assange is the opposite of a terrorist, he is a publisher whose Wikileaks organisation has revealed the war crimes, extra legal espionage, torture, imprisonment without due process and high levels of corruption within the corporate, political and military elite of multiple nations.

Unlike virtually every other journalistic organisation in the world, Wikileaks has never once been forced to retract a statement. Assange’s accuracy record is second to none. And yet today, a court in London rejected a UN report finding that Assange is being arbitrarily detained and must be given his full freedom in addition to monetary compensation for the deterioration to his health and well being while stuck in the embassy.

This means that a journalistic publisher and peace activist who has not been convicted let alone charged with any violent crime is deprived of his freedom, while the terrorist mastermind Fetullah Gulen continues to enjoy his undeserved freedom.

While the US refuses to even give a modicum of respect to Turkey’s wishes to bring the terrorist Gulen to justice, major western countries including Sweden (which has mercifully given up on Assange) and now Britain and the United States, continue to harass Assange leaving him no choice but to remain captive in the embassy as he has not been guaranteed safe passage to Ecuador, where he holds citizenship.

Until Fetullah Gulen is brought to justice, nothing that western governments say about Assange should be taken seriously. He is a victim of political persecution while Gulen is the recipient of preferential treatment from the United States, in spite of his record of crimes against Turkey. A terrorist grows old in comfort while a heroic publisher suffers for no reason. This is the opposite of any rational definition of justice.

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