Syria Repels “Israeli” Spy Plane, Forcing Retreat

“Israel” has learned yet again, that in spite of fighting a war against terrorism on multiple fronts and against the proxy and regular forces of several states, Syria continues to upgrade its air defence systems. Less than a week after an aggressive “Israeli” aerial  attack on Syria, which saw Syrian forces shoot down an attacking F-16, “Israel” has once again breached Syrian airspace, this time with an unmanned reconnaissance plane.

However, Syria’s air defence systems intercept the air craft, forcing it to hastily retreat back into “Israeli” air space. According to an official report from the Syrian Arab News Agency,

“Units of the Syrian Army air defence on Wednesday intercepted Israeli reconnaissance planes that breached the Syrian space over Quneitra, forcing them to leave.  A SANA reporter said that Israeli hostile reconnaissance planes breached the Syrian spaces over Quneitra, in the southern region. Units of the Syrian army’s air defence confronted the planes, forcing them to leave the Syrian spaces immediately”.

The spy plane was clearly sent into Syrian airspace in order to test not only the resolve of Damascus, but yet again to test the technological ability of Syria’s upgraded weapons systems. Once again, Syria demonstrated that it has the technical means and the will to defend itself against aggression on all fronts.


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