Chemical Weapons Allegations In Afrin Expose US Insincerity

Accusations from individuals in Afrin claim that either the Turkish Army or their FSA proxies have shelled the village of Aranda in Afrin with chemical weapons. Several videos of hospitalised men, allegedly with symptoms of exposure to chemical weapons have been released along with the initial allegation.

This comes days after Turkish media retracted a story reporting that Ankara’s FSA proxies in the region were victims of a chemical attack. Upon investigation, Turkish journalists found that they had merely inhaled smoke during the course of battle.

While it is still too early to say whether Turkey or its allies used chemical weapons in Afrin, the total silence from the United States and the western mainstream media reveals something incredibly important about the conflict in Syria.

Throughout the conflict, Takfiri groups aided by their de-facto PR agency White Helmets have issued statements claiming that the Syrian Arab Army used chemical weapons on them, even though the Organisation For The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) helped Syria eliminate its last remaining stockpiles of chemical weapons in 2014. Russia has just confirmed that, as per an agreement with the US in 2013, Moscow has destroyed the last remaining weapons on Russian soil.

This has not stopped Takfiri groups including pro-American FSA and al-Qaeda/al-Nusra from repeatedly issuing claims that they have been hit with Syrian Arab Army’s “chemical weapons”. The most infamous incident of such claims took place in April of 2017, after which the US illegally bombed Syria’s Shayrat Airbase in response to the evidence-free clams that Syria had dropped sarin gas on terrorist positions in Idlib.

After an exhaustive study, a joint report of the Russian Foreign, Defence and Industry and Trade Ministries made the following findings regarding the alleged attack,

“–“Victims” of the alleged attack arrived at hospitals hours before the alleged attack was said to have occurred.

–The crater at Khan Sheikhoun was consistent with that created from a ground based crude incendiary device, not an explosive dropped from a Syrian fighter jet, as the US alleged.

–The video of White Helmets ‘medics’ responding to the ‘chemical attack’ is a forgery. Based on the protective wear and lack thereof, seen on the White Helmets ‘volunteers’, the men would have died instantly if dressed in such a way around a real Sarin gas attack.

–Forensic reports show that gas was poured into the crater in question, only after the staged ‘rescue operation’ had long concluded.

–The OPCW report’s findings on the issue were politicised due to the influence of the US government”.

Below is the two hour long presentation made by Russian officials, detailing the findings of the study on the Khan Sheikhoun attack.

This has not inspired the US and its partners to revise its view of the Idlib incident in April, even though no one from the US or the OPCW actually visited the site of the alleged attack.

Furthermore, this has not stopped the US from making threats against Syria every time Takfiri groups regurgitate the same claims of coming under attack from chemical weapons in Syria. Most recently, Takfiri terrorists in East Ghouta repeated their chemical weapons accusation for which the US slammed Damascus, even though later US Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis admitted the US has no evidence of any such attack.

Recently, Syria’s envoy to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari addressed the UN, criticising a lack of international movement when it comes to investigating the clear evidence that it is in fact terrorist groups in Syria that have consistently used chemical weapons on their attacks against civilians, Syrian soldiers and rival armed gangs. The US, which claims to be so concerned when Syria is accused of using chemical weapons that it does not have, simply ignored Dr. al-Jaafari’s impassioned plea.

Today, in Afrin, where a putative US “ally” stands accused of using chemical weapons, nothing is being said or done. The same was true after a second US ally, the YPG, which is fighting the first US “ally” Turkey, was accused of using chemical weapons.

The only logical conclusion one can reach is that the US simply does not care about the use of chemical weapons. What they do care about is any excuse to attack or further sanction the legitimate Syrian government, based on any accusation against it, no matter how logistically absurd the claim or how unreliable the terrorist source which delivers the increasingly bizarre accusations. One can be sure that if locals or pro-YPG journalists in Afrin accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, Nikki Haley would already be in front of the UN Security Council demanding more war and more sanctions.

In this sense, the recent allegations against Turkey and their allies have brought to light a very basic fact: The US will ignore any and all accusations of chemical weapons use in Syria, unless these accusations are against the legal armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Furthermore, the US continues to ignore its own culpability in the existence of Syria’s now defunct chemical weapons programme in the first place. Syria has never in its history used chemical weapons against its own people. The Syrian chemical weapons programme which began in the late 1960s was not intended for that purpose but was instead, a response to the fact that Syria learned that “Israel” had successfully developed a nuclear weapons programme with the direct help of the United States and United Kingdom governments. Thus, Damascus developed chemical weapons as a far less costly alternative to developing its own nuclear deterrent against “Israel”, a regime that has occupied part of Syria since 1967.

This is the backstory behind Syria’s old chemical weapons that the west prefers to ignore. In any case, Syria no longer has these weapons, but instead has opted to develop its air defence systems in order to defend itself not against “its own people” but against aggression from the most heavily armed regime in the history of the Middle East: “Israel”.

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