Jack Ma Will Partner With Duterte To Improve The Lives of All Filipinos

Jack Ma is one of the world’s most articulate entrepreneurs. The Chinese businessman’s companies Ali Baba and Ali Express have revolutionised e-commerce throughout Asia and the wider world. But beyond restricting his innovations to his companies, Ma has become an ambassador for technology and modernity. He once told a US audience not to blame the success of China for the declining status of the US, but instead pointed to the fact that the US has wasted billions of dollars on foreign wars rather than investing those sums in the domestic economy.

Now, Ma will officially partner with the Philippines after holding a positive meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte in November of last year. According to Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, Ma will have the following goals

–Assist The Philippines in the development of e-government and cyber-security systems.

–Assist Filipino entrepreneurs in establishing e-finance/payment systems in the country.

–Help The Philippines to become a centre of global e-commerce.

Jack Ma’s business models have helped bolster existing small and medium sized businesses throughout the world, while also developing a new model for e-commerce that plays to Asia’s strengths in terms of production output and the availability of raw materials which are in global demand.

Ma has also emphasised that developing and growing economies can save costs, accelerate the rate of development and eventually overtake outdated larger economies through the adoption of e-commerce in both private and public sectors.

By partnering with The Philippines, Ma has demonstrated that he not only sees a tremendous amount of global potential in the Philippine economy, but that he also respects and approves of the multipolar approach of President Duterte. Prior to Duterte, The Philippines was famous for having a stubborn foreign policy that alienated potential regional partners in both private and public sectors, but today the opposite is true.

Today, the Philippines is open for business and this is all thanks to Duterte building new bridges across Asia and the wider world. Duterte embraces positive projects from all quarters of the world that can help elevate living standards for all Filipinos. He is not beholden to local oligarchs nor to countries whose alliance with The Philippines has brought nothing to the people.

Duterte’s long term vision for his country and countrymen has won the approval not only of Jack Ma but of governments around the world. This looks like the beginning of one of many important and meaningful partnerships for the Philippines in the 21st century.


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