Syrian Envoy to UN: “Hell Is Big Enough For All”

Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari has addressed the United Nations Security Council regarding the situation in Eastern Ghouta. His speech began with controversy as the Kuwaiti President of the Security Council stated that he would only be allowed to speak for five minutes. Al-Jaafari raised protest, saying that he was never informed of this ahead of time and that the time restriction was “unjust”. Russia’s Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya then interjected, expressing his agreement that such a time constraint is unjust.

When he finally got an opportunity to speak, Syria’s UN Envoy stated, “I speak to you today while hundreds of rockets and mortars are targeting the capital Damascus – at this very moment.

During his speech, he expressed his astonishment that nothing has been said by the US and its European and Gulfi allies about the fact that hundreds of civilians in Damascus are being killed by terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and that eight million citizens of Damascus are under constant threat by a few thousand terrorists in Eastern Ghouta. Yet, the western powers are more concerned with the well being of the terrorists than of the eight million people of one of the oldest populated cities in the world.

He then went on to criticise the French Ambassador whom Dr. Al-Jaafari remarked did not bother to stay and hear a Syrian speak about his own country. He said that France called the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta “legitimate resistance”. He then rhetorically asked that if there were terrorists groups on the outskirts of Paris, New York or London, if the French, British and American governments would be talking about evacuating “moderate rebels” or bringing them aid, or if instead they would act to clear their urban areas of terrorists? The answer is clear for anyone with common sense.

The Envoy of the Syrian Arab Republic invited critics to go to the websites of Takfiri groups in Eastern Gouta or watch their obscene Satellite TV channels which are carried on western owned satellites, in order to understand just what kind of murderous ideology they possess. He again stated that whether they call themselves Darsh, or al-Qaeda or al-Nusra or anything else, their Takfiri ideology is all identical, irrespective of how many times they re-brand themselves.

He again asked how it is “moderate” to target schools and hospitals in Damascus while turning local civilian facilities into military centres of aggression?

Dr. Al-Jaafari then alluded to the remarks of the Russian Ambassador who lambasted the UN for failing to address the US bombing of Raqqa and its failure to de-mine the city. Al-Jaafari compared the US use of illegal weapons to target Syrian civilians with what the US did in Vietnam, before saying that the corporate power of the US and its allies had stiffled the ability of the UN to act objectively, all the while supporting “Israeli” aggression against Syria.

Finally, Al-Jaafari mocked the attitudes of Syria’s enemies who say that Eastern Ghouta will become a “second Aleppo”. The western powers still cannot fathom that the fact Aleppo was liberated from al-Qaeda occupation and is now in the midst of rebuilding , is a good thing. Al-Jaafari stated that millions had returned to Aleppo now that it is free of terrorist domination.

In this sense, he said that Eastern Ghouta will become a second Aleppo as will Idlib – they will both become places liberated from terrorist occupation where the Syrian Arab Republic will help its own people to rebuild their lives and return to their homes.

When concluding his remarks, Al-Jaafari stated,

“History will show that we and our allies fought a war on behalf of the whole world”.

He then turned to his antagonists in the room and remarked on their hypocrisy before quoting Dostoevsky, saying,

“Rest assured, hell is big enough for all. It doesn’t deserve this fierce competition over who will be the worst”.




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