We Are All Koreans Now: Russia’s New Weapons and Irresponsible Western Provocations

Russian President Vladimir Putin today unveiled some of his country’s latest weapons. Most notably was the revelation that Russia now possesses new weapons, including new hyper-sonic missile systems which render existing US defence systems useless. These new missiles will not follow traditional ballistic flight paths and thus cannot be intercepted by current US missile defence systems whose origin dates back to Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defence Initiative, more colloquially known as ‘Star Wars’.

According to President Putin,

“Nobody listened to Russia before we created new weapons systems, they will listen now. We have started development of new strategic arms that do not use ballistic flight paths, while moving to targets, which means that the missile defence systems are useless in struggle against them”.

The Russian President stated in his speech that while Russia has tried for years to negotiate with the United States in respect of arms limitation treaties, because of the provocative attitude and threatening measures of the US, including placing its own advanced missile systems on Russia’s borders, Russia took the decision to modernise its own missile systems which can now fully overcome the US challenge.

In response to the new US military policy of openly considering the use of tactical nuclear weapons in convention wars or even in response to cyber-attacks, Putin also stated that Russia would respond to any nuclear attack on itself or its allies with the full force of its nuclear arsenal, which is the largest in the world.

Russia’s development of new weapons constitute Moscow’s sovereign right to respond to aggression and provocations. Apart from those in the west who challenge Russia’s right to exist, no one could classify Putin’s latest remarks in any way other than both inevitable and fully in-keeping with Russia’s legal rights and responsibly to its citizens and genuine allies.

Against this background, why then cannot North Korea develop its weapons for the very same reason? The answer is that as a country even more under threat from the US than Russia and with a wide gap in general military strength vis-a-vis the USA, the DPRK has if anything, more of a duty than Russia to develop a functional nuclear deterrent to prevent the kinds of NATO attacks that Russia seeks to defend itself against.

While the Russian President stated that ideally he would like a world with fewer weapons on all sides in respect of the Russia-US conflict and while Russia would prefer a de-weaponised Korean peninsula, Russia nevertheless understands the rationale for the DPRK’s weapons. As Putin stated last year, having seen what a poorly armed Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya suffered at the hands of aggressive US led military operations, Pyongyang judged the facts on the ground to mean that if the DPRK did not develop its own modern nuclear deterrent it could be the next country to be violently destroyed by the US military.

Because of this, it is high time for the multipolar world to accept North Korea’s necessary nuclear deterrent for the same way that it tacitly accepts Russia’s. In the wider sense, ‘we are all Koreans now’. Half of the world is under threat from the US military and the other half must do what it can to deter such an attack through the time tested doctrine of mutually assured destruction. In either case, should there be such a war, like Koreans, much of the world would be under the threat of annihilation if one side decided to take the apocalyptic step in launching a first strike.

It seems that for a US military-industrial complex that will stop at nothing to enrich itself, the prospect of turning the world into what Donald Trump might call a ‘radioactive shithole’ might be the only thing to get the elites of the US and pan-western military-industrial complex to think twice regarding the consequences of their provocative policies. After all, a world covered in nuclear fallout is not a world where one can make money, let alone spend it.

The same things which for decades Koreans on both sides of the 38th parallel had to face, are now the very things that everyone in the world must face up to. There is no point in singling out the DPRK in this regard, not least because the DPRK is busy making peace with the other half of the Korean peninsula, while nuclear armed “Israel” continues to provoke, attack and occupy its neighbours.

In this new reality where mutually assured destruction is now more assured than at any time during the Cold War, due to the advanced scale of 21st century weapons, all people of all nations, including journalists, should already begin thinking twice before provoking powers like Russia or its Chinese ally. President Putin implied in his remarks, that both countries have been too patient for too long with those in the west who refuse to respond to reason, but who might hopefully respond to the grim reality that while they think they are chasing the bottom line, they are really chasing their own demise in every sense of the word. If journalists, activists and others provoke their own governments into confrontation with Russia, there will be no happy ending. The world has been warned.

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