Graham Phillips Explains Everything You Need To Know About The 2008 War in South Ossetia

In 2008, the people of South Ossetia  came under a systematic attack from a Georgian regime that had been harassing locals, as well as Russian peacekeepers for many years. The uneasy ceasefire which ended conflicts between Georgia and South Ossetia in 1992 and George and Abkhazia in 1993, was ultimately broken when Georgian troops entered South Ossetia on the 8th of August, 2008.

What transpired was a Georgian War against Ossetians including Russian citizens and peacekeepers. Moscow took the decision to intervene, thereby security the peace in both South Ossetia and Abkhazia after a short war with Georgian troops.

For the first time, a complete A-Z history of the conflict and its aftermath has been produced by independent journalist Graham Phillips who went to South Ossetia to speak with locals who still have vivid memories of a war which ended less than ten year ago.

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