Tony Blair Has Stiff Competition For Worst UK Premier Ever


Tony Blair bears responsibility for his role in advocating for and executing the illegal and detrimental war on Yugoslavia in 1999, the corruption riddled war in Sierra Leone in 2000, the unwise war in Afghanistan in 2001 and the godfather of them all, the illegal, wicked, mass murderous and history changing (for the worse) Iraq war of 2003.

Such a blood-soaked legacy cannot ever be lived down, but as the leader of a European country, as a Prime Minister of the UK, it can be argued that Blair’s legacy has now been eclipsed by a far more incompetent and malign force, that of Theresa May.

Tony Blair was never a scholar of history, economics or sociology and he had little experience in the real world of having to work in what most people would consider a real job. Nor did he ever experience any great personal misfortune as a result of any of this. His life went from one that was comfortable, to one of unimaginable wealth, as detailed in depth in the recent documentary film, The Killing$ of Tony Blair.

Tony Blair was not an ideas man, but his government did at least pursue political ideas, some of which were good including the minimum wage and some of which were very bad, most notably the criminal war in Iraq.

In hindsight though, the intellectual vacuum that was Blair’s New Labour project, seems almost like a Socratic experiment in cognitive expansive when contrasted with the government of Theresa May. The current UK government of Theresa May is one paradoxically fraught with ideological contradictions, yet one with virtually no meaningful ideas.

A mishmash of yesterday’s men and women combined with the nobodies of tomorrow, it is a government whose main task, Brexit, has been fraught with disaster from day one. The Brexit talks that have thus far happened, have led to the forming of a coalition of people who are all uniquely unhappy, ranging from Europhiles of the left and right, to Eurosceptics of the left and right. The only thing May has united in terms of Brexit is uniting everyone in saying she has done a terrible job of it.

Beyond this, May who claims to be a law and order type of individual, has overseen the highest number of self-styled jihadist terrorist attacks on UK soil than any of her predecessors. Thus far, her only solution to stop terrorism has been to censor political speech on the internet. Not only is there no scientific data suggesting that reading foul material on the internet turns an otherwise sane person into a murderous lunatic, but the idea of punishing responsible adults who read all kinds of information for all sorts of peaceful purposes, in an attempt to catch the proverbial lunatic needle in the haystack, is overly intrusive and overtly absurd. In any case, it is becoming clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the May government wants to censor not only violent Daesh style propaganda, but all sorts of political speech that in the past has not caused any actual harm to anyone, but that has proved useful to establishing an honest foreign policy debate.

Where Tony Blair had the wicked wisdom to stand behind George W. Bush and gang up on an Iraqi nation that had been rendered defenceless through over a decade of crippling sanctions, he at least had the common instinct not to go too far in alienating Russia, a nuclear armed superpower with an economy that was growing then and is of course growing now.

When it came to Blair, he never picked on anyone his own size or bigger. For the May government, in spite of a Britain that is currently in geopolitical purgatory between an EU that has been alienated by pompously styled Brexit negotiations that have resulted in literally nothing and a wider world that is well aware that Britain ceased being an empire long ago, such a government wants to take on a Russian state that is arguably at its strongest and most cohesive since the Brezhnev era.

For all of Blair’s wickedness, at least he knew when and where to pick his sordid battles. Since leaving power, Blair has certainly not become ‘good’, it is just that what has come since has been irrepressibly awful.

Britain has expelled 23 Russian diplomats, is threatening new sanctions, threatening to remove the broadcaster RT from the airwaves and is threatening new “secret” measures whom the public are apparently too stupid to be trusted with. And what is Russia’s crime? Nothing. Not a single piece of concrete evidence and not a single rational motive can be ascribed to Russia in respect of the poisoning of the retired British spy of Russian origin, Sergey Skripal. Far from being uncooperative, Russia has stated that in accordance with the rules of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Russia is happy to examine the forensic evidence and help in the investigation in accordance with international law.

Yet guilt has been determined without evidence, without giving Russia its due process through the OPCW and without observing anything close to sane, modern and dignified diplomatic protocol. There is alas, no better word to describe such a situation than the word ‘insane’. It is the geopolitical equivalent of executing a man and then spitting upon his family attempting to peacefully prove his innocence post-mortem. The only countries in the world whose power matches that of Russia are the US and China. When it comes to picking an insane fight with a country that can fight back, Russia is one of the three biggest and this is the fight that the May government has now picked.

It is not likely that anyone in the UK is so stupid as to take military action against Russia, but when it comes to foolishness in the service of wickedness, the current UK government of May presents stiff competition vis-a-vis Blair’s government of wickedness in the service of personal enrichment. It is ultimately difficult to say which bad egg is more rotten.

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