Third Mass Fire in Three Days Breaks Out in Russia

On Sunday, 64 were killed as a raging inferno engulfed a shopping centre in the Siberian town of Kemerovo. The following day, fire broke out on the top levels of an apartment tower in the Chechen capital Grozny.

Today, a large fire is current burning through a car dealership in St. Petersburg.

No one is thought to be injured and firefighters are on the scene. While President Putin blamed the deadly Kemerovo fire on “criminal negligence”, the increasingly regular occurrence of fires in large public buildings in Russia may be due to more than traditional definitions of negligence.

During last night’s memorial for the victims of the Kemerovo fire, some agitators associated with the extremist criminal Alexei Navalny chanted hateful slogans about the Russian government. At minimum, turning a memorial for the victims of a tragedy into an unsanctioned extremist rally is a grossly despicable offence to common decency. However, given the fact that this week has see large fires in different regions of the Russian Federation, one must necessarily question whether there is some calculated foul play at hand?

Of course, the blazes could be coincidental, but their proximity in time means that one cannot help but question if something more sinister might be behind the series of fires.

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