Russia, along with all of Asia, Africa and Latin America Stand Totally Vindicated in Skripal Debacle

The illogical case that London along with its occasional European partners and the United States advanced regarding the alleged poisoning of retired UK spy of Russian origin Sergey Spripal and his daughter, has always been literally unbelievable in the wider world. Now that scientists at the UK’s own chemical weapons laboratory at Porton Down admit that they cannot forensically link the substance in question to Russia or any other country, the entire case is falling apart.

Making matters worse for the spokesmen of the official narrative, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been filmed issuing a self evident lie when he stated that scientists at Porton Down told him that there was “no doubt” that poison in question was a product of the Russian state.

Later, the Russian Embassy in London posted a screen shot of a now deleted UK Foreign Office Tweet which repeated the false information Johnson proclaimed in his interview with a German reporter.

With the UK now admitting that the case for blaming Russia is based on “assumptions” aka clearly prejudiced guess work, the idea that Russia can be a “highly likely” culprit for the poisoning, is becoming even weaker than it was – and it was never particularly strong. Seeing as Russia has zero clear motive to want to harm or kill Sergey Skripal while anti-Russian regimes including the Ukrainian regime and others in the west would have a clear motive to stage an event that could backfire on Russia, it becomes clear that not only was the incident a false flag, but a sloppy and juvenile false flag incident.

Making matters more embarrassing for those peddling the official narrative, the story about where the Skripals were allegedly poisoned continues to change. The place of their poisoning has gone from a restaurant to a bar, to a park bench, to a car, to the inside of Sergey Spripal’s home and now to the front door of his house. At the same time, the supposedly most “deadly nerve agent” in the world is so deadly that Yulia Skripal, one of its alleged victims is awake, conscious and talking while Sergey Spripal remains alive. Adding to the awkward nature of the narrative, someone was active on Yulia Skripal’s social media account on VK three days after the poisoning occurred. The only logical conclusion one can infer from such a reality is that either Yulia Skprial was conscious and well enough to log into VK three days after the alleged poisoning or that someone else was able to gain access (legally or illegally) to her account.

Things get even more embarrassing when one realises that the rapidly unravelling tall tale summarised above was the public justification used by the US, Canada, Britain, Australia and a large number of EU states when they expelled scores of Russian diplomats from their respective embassies.

With many in Britain demanding both the Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister resign due to the debacle, it is worth remembering that not a single Asian, African or Latin American country expelled a single Russian diplomat. For them, business with Russia continues as usual. Furthermore, China and Japan explicitly stated that they could not and would not act on the issue until a legitimate forensic investigation provides actual evidence pointing to one entity’s guilt.

While western governments will likely be engaged in some level of public relations damage control with the possibility of some kind of apology floating in the ether, those who have the last laugh are the countries that showed maturity, multi-polar sensibilities and a self-preservation in the face of western derived Russophobia that was both mature and reasonable.

It wasn’t just historic Russian allies in Asia, Africa and Latin America who displayed common sense in spite of what was almost certainly a good dose of US pressure behind the scenes. Even countries that had in the past been at odds with Russia and/or the USSR decided to maintain normal relations with Moscow as there was no objective reason not to do so.

While many western mainstream media outlets proclaimed “the world” united against Russia, this was never the case. Instead, countries in Europe, North America and geographically isolated Australia decided to cling on to a parochial narrative as the dogs of London and Washington barked, all the while the caravan that is the rest of the world moved on without a second thought.

While an isolated segment of the world was thinking of ways to punish Russia for a crime that no one has been found guilty of in any objective forum, China launched the Peotroyuan,  the Presidents of Russia and Turkey attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Turkey’s first nuclear power plant which will be built by Russia, the Astana Group is meeting to discuss the Syrian peace process, Syria liberated 100% of the terrorist occupied region of Eastern Ghouta, Egypt held a Presidential election, Pakistan declared its international neutrality in a future ‘cold war’, Saudi Arabia condemned the US financing of Wahhabism outside of the country while de-facto recognising “Israel”, the Philippines begins an historic push to end the Moro conflict, and these are just some of the major events that happened while Europe and North America were distracted by another fake anti-Russian scandal.

The dichotomy between a shrinking western bloc of nations obsessed with an ever more absurd anti-Russian narrative and the majority of the world that is getting on with the business of government, trade and diplomacy, could not be more stark. It is like night and day or more accurately put, like the past versus the future.

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