What Kind of Regime Sends an Aircraft to Kill A Singled Protester?

The brutality which the “Israeli” regime continues to display against Palestinian demonstrators has shocked genuine human rights activists throughout the world. A recent report demonstrates a dangerous mentality on the part of a regime that has lost all contact with the most basic rules of engagement when dealing with peaceful protesters whose only demand is for their stolen land to be returned.

Beginning with the Land Day protests on 30 March, the regime killed 18 Palestinians while 1,416 were injured. This massacre did not end the violence as more unarmed protesters were shot at throughout the weekend. Images of tanks firing at young men who were later chased by weaponised drones have led to urgent calls to curtail the situation. While the UN Security Council met to try and address the issue, the US blocked even a simple statement condemning the regime for its grotesque display of violence.

As more video emerged including that of a Palestinian demonstrator running from gun fire being shot in the back, it became clear that the 30 March Land Day protests may have been a point of no return for a regime that thrives on violence.

Other footage shots a group of Palestinians praying being shot in the back.

Today it was announced that the air force of the “Israeli” regime was scrambled to Gaza where it opened fired on a lone protester who later died in hospital. According to the regime, “Overnight, an IAF aircraft targeted an armed terrorist adjacent to the security fence in northern Gaza”.

While it cannot be independently verified whether the lone Palestinian was armed, due to the fact that the most common armament of Palestinian protesters are stones and slingshots, the use of air power against one man is objectively excessive under any circumstance.

If the UN is incapable of curtailing the violence, other international bodies must be formed in order to hold the violent regime to account. I recently discussed how such peace initiatives might look during a recent interview with Press-TV.

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