Support Adam Garrie’s Legal Action Against The Washington Examiner

Dear friends,

I write to you in a personal capacity but one which has effected and will certain continue to effect my professional and family life for years to come. On the 22nd of February, 2018, the well known publication Washington Examiner published an article entitled “Adam Garrie, or how Russian propagandists play their game”. Both the headline and the article itself contain seriously defamatory falsehoods regarding my personal character and professional associations.

I have written a polite letter to the editor of the Washington Examiner, a man called Hugo Gurdon asking to reach an agreement with me. I have asked the following:
1. A full retraction and apology published by the Washington Examiner.

2. An undertaking from the Washington Examiner never to publish nor to allude to similar allegations.

3. A sum to be paid directly to myself (Adam Garrie) as compensation for loss of paid work and future loses due to the serious and defamatory allegations the Washington Examiner has published.

My reasonable and legally correct request has thus far gone unanswered and unless the owners of the Washington Examiner rectify this unfortunate development as soon as reasonably possible, I will have no choice but to commence legal action in order to clear my name and attempt to gain compensation for the serious damages the publication has caused to my career and the psychological well being for my loved ones. Furthermore, due to the intensifying geopolitical situation, the seriously defamatory lies published in the Washington Examiner have the potential to endanger my personal safety, my loved ones and my professional and personal associates.

>In order to accomplish a legal vindication against the Washington Examiner, I need your financial help. The Washington Examiner is owned by an individual called Philip Anschutz, who according to Wikipedia has a net worth of $12 billion. I have considerable less funds at my disposal, but I have the truth on my side.

If you wish to help me in my battle for justice against the malicious lies published by the Washington Examiner, I ask you to donate to Eurasia Future at the following Paypal link ( No amount is too big nor too small.I than you for your assistance in this matter.


Adam Garrie

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