Ukraine Should be Suspended from UN Over Threats to Murder Russian Diplomat

On the 9th of May, the most sacred day in the Russia and wider post-Soviet national calendar, the Ukrainian regime held an illegal meeting at the United Nations whose rather un-creative subject was “fake news”. During the meeting which turned out to be little than a typical hour of Russophobic hate speech, Russian diplomat Maksim Buyakevich attended in order to try and state his views and counter the barrage of black propaganda from representatives of the fascist regime of Kiev.

At that point, Buyakevich was confronted by men in military uniform who proudly admitted they had participated in the war of aggression against the Donbass republics. They then began provocatively taking photos of  Buyakevich before making very specific threats to murder him.

The entire provocative saga was recounted by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova who later reported that when Russia raised the issue with UN officials, they reported that the meeting was unauthorised and held on UN property without any consent from UN officials. These officials further said that in the future they were work harder to prevent unauthorised events from taking place on UN property.

Because of the Kiev regime’s history of aggressive targeted assassination against civilians and politicians alike, the murderous threats against Maksim Buyakevich should be taken very seriously and should be raised at the UN Security Council with the utmost urgency. Furthermore, in light of the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation’s (FETO) assassination of Russia’s former ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, it is imperative that Russia does the utmost to protect its diplomatic officials threatened either by terrorist organisations or rogue states.

While the US continues to support the Ukrainian regime in all its horror, the UN must act collectively to show the regime that it cannot get away with threatening the life of a diplomat inside the United Nations. Such things serve to make a mockery of the Charter of the United Nations which is dedicated to preserving peace and de-escalating international tensions.

The Kiev regime continues to act with lawless impunity and unbridled aggression. If a regime whose lust for human blood cannot even contain itself at the United Nations, the UN must act collectively to ensure the safety of all diplomats and to send a clear message to the aggressor regime that its brutal tactics will not be tolerated.

Until such a time that regime officials can behave in a manner befitting of the United Nations, the Ukrainian regime should have its membership suspended from the United Nations both to insure the safety of officials and diplomats at the UN and to demonstrate that violence has no place in a diplomatic arena.

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