Washington Examiner Promotes and Encourages Terrorism Against Russia

This week, a bridge across the Kerch Strait linking the Taman Peninsula with the Crimea Peninsula opened to road traffic. For over a century there were discussions about building such a bridge, but it was only in 2015 that construction finally began. The opening ceremony on the 15th of May was attended by numerous dignitaries including the Russian President who drove a large truck across the bridge in a maiden journey across the new structure.

The bridge will be a great boost to both commerce and tourism for Crimea and already, the bridge itself has become a tourist attraction in its own right. But while those who marvel at the successful completion of a mega-project, engineering buffs, world travellers and the Russian people are celebrating the opening of the bridge, for one deranged so-called journalist at the Washington Examiner, the bridge should be “blown up” by terrorists.

Before continuing, I must declare that the author of the piece in question is a man called Tom Rogan. He is the same author of a piece about me which contained seriously and defamatory statements, the content of which I intend to challenge in court later this year. Now though, Rogan has authored a piece called “Ukraine should blow up Putin’s Crimea bridge” which recklessly encourages terrorist activity against civilian infrastructure. While I read the piece multiple times in an attempt to discern a crude and innate attempt at satire, it would appear that Rogan is serious in his proposal which would mean that he is inciting terrorism against a structure which would put numerous civilian lives in danger.

This kind of reckless and possibly criminal incitement is beyond the pale of a normal opinion piece in any media outlet. If someone in the Washington Examiner for example said that Mexico or Mexican terrorists should blow up bridges in the southern United States or that Canada or Canadian terrorists should do so in the northern United States, there would rightly be condemnation forthcoming from all corners,  including from the governments of Mexico and Canada who would clearly not want to be associated with such violent extremism.

Of course, the current Kiev regime has waged a long war against the people of Donbass whose only “crime” has been to exercise their self-determination in democratically rejecting the illegal rule of a fascist regime which itself seized power not through the ballot box but through a vicious coup against the legal government in 2014.

But while no one could expect a criminal regime like the one in Kiev to distance itself from the likes of Rogan and the Washington Examiner, the United States authorities have a duty to investigate the piece for its incitement of terrorism, while the international community must condemn these kinds of terrorist threats against civilians. Furthermore, the Russian authorities must now be on guard against any fanatics who decide to follow Rogan’s suggestion and attempt to commit a terrorist atrocity.

Finally, all sound minded individuals throughout the world must condemn the perversion contained in every line of Rogan’s sick and twisted piece. The only way to fight terrorism is to condemn it in all of its forms.

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