Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan is A Clear and Present Danger to The People of Russia and The United States

This week, Tom Roganof the Washington Examiner, a so-called “journalist” who is better described as a dangerous hooligan and provocateur, authored a piece where he suggested that it would be advisable for an act of terrorism to be conducted against the recently opened bridge across the Kerch Strait linking the Taman Peninsula with the Crimea Peninsula.

The piece has been globally condemned as an incitement to terrorism, the glorification of terrorism and a provocation of terrorism. Today the Russian Investigative Committee (RIC) opened a criminal case regarding the matter. Russia is set to investigate both Rogan and the Washington Examiner’s editor Hugo Gurdon in respect of charges related to Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation which labels “calls for terrorist activity on Russian territory” as a criminal offence.

According to the RIC,

“A criminal case had been launched against Hugo Gurdon, an editor of the Washington Examiner weekly online magazine. According to the investigation, … Gurdon has agreed on the text of the article by Tom Rogan, which called for the destruction of the Crimean Bridge that links Russia’s Kerch and Taman peninsulas, and released it on the Washington Examiner website”.

In a sign that both Gurdon and Rogan are engaged in an open conspiracy to flaunt international calls for justice, the Washington Examiner published a follow up piece credited to Rogan  where the author of the original inflammatory incitement reiterates his dangerous and perverse provocation with self-evident pride.

For the sake of total transparency, I shall reiterate that it is my intention to file a civil lawsuit against the Washington Examiner and Mr. Rogan for an article they published earlier this year which contains seriously defamatory statements regarding my professional standing in the community while also containing deeply damaging and entirely untruth claims which give a totally false impression of who I do or do not work for and/or with.

But while my issue with the Washington Examiner and with Rogan is a civil matter, Rogan’s piece suggesting the new Kerch Strait bridge be “blown up” is not only a criminal matter but a matter of terrorism, quite possibly the most serious criminal offence in any jurisdiction.

According to Rogan, he spoke with officials of the Kiev regime who backed his calls. However, in a clear indication that Rogan’s zealous war mongering is a more potent element of his sick head than intelligence, the regime official in question turned out to be famous Russian prank caller due Vovan and Laexux.

What is more worrying than Rogan’s viciousness and apparent idiocy is that his Daesh style call for destruction against civilian infrastructure could have its intended effect and inspire a deranged psychopath to carry out the gruesome deed that Rogan despicably salivates over like a rabid beast over a pile of bloody flesh.

It appears that even the regime official in question distanced himself form anything to do with Rogan after the “phone call” was exposed as a prank.

Furthermore, Rogan’s insidious solicitation of an act of supreme violence could also have the effect of inspiring deranged psychopaths to conduct an act of terrorism against civilian structure in the United States under the guise of a false flag. Rogan has already used his platforms to set up a narrative where he claims he has been personally threatened for his remarks. While any threats of violence are necessarily distressing, one should not be surprised at this development as when one threatens violence, it often begets more threats of violence.

Now this cauldron of violence that is entirely of Rogan’s and the Washington Examiner’s making could end up causing waves of violence in both Russia and the United States. If nothing else, Rogan and the Washington Examiner bear direct moral responsibility for any such terrorist attacks of the aforementioned description, attacks that are now more likely to take place because of the reckless and idiotic publishing of calls to violence by the publication in question.

The clearly malicious intent of the gruesome piece by Rogan is such that nothing less than the Washington Examiner’s full cooperation with the Russian authorities is required in order to rectify this ghastly deed. The US authorities in spite of well-known geopolitical disagreements with the Russian Federation should also cooperate with the Russian authorities in bringing Rogan and Gurdon to justice. This would help facilitate a necessary spirit of international unity against terrorism and calls to terrorism in all of their many sick forms.

Rogan is an insult to the dignity of all peace loving people and a crystalline example of an uncontrollable volcano of sub-intelligent scum that must soon feel the full force of justice in a court of law.

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