The United States Calls on Saudi Arabia to Investigate Itself Over Likely Murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

The strange and tragic disappearance of Saudi born journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the ever increasing likelihood that he was murdered by Saudi Arabian authorities continues to expose America’s double standards. Rather than offer assistance or even an endorsement of Turkey’s highly professional and transparent ongoing investigation into the Khashoggi disappearance, the US has bizarrely asked the Saudi government to investigate itself.

While it’s obvious enough that the US is walking on egg-shells with Riyadh so as not to offend its closest partner in the Arab world, the optics of the situation demonstrate just how synthetic American outrage is, not least because it is only ever directed against nations with which the US is having an economic or geopolitical dispute.

The hierarchy of US responses to tragic or mysterious events can be defined as follows: if a country is a close ally such as Israel or Saudi Arabia, all forms of brutality against citizens are either ignored, excused or whitewashed. If a country is presently involved in a number of disputes with the US in spite of being a longstanding and important partner, the country’s unambiguous good deeds are ignored while the domestic media spreads fabrications about such a nation. At present, Turkey, Pakistan and The Philippines fall into this category. Finally, outright rivals to the US are treated with open contempt, are accused (almost always without evidence of any kind) of that which they clearly did not do while the US media continues to engage in conspiracy theories about the wickedness of such nations. Here, China, Russia, Venezuela and Iran come to mind.

This clear hierarchy of US responses to tragic or mysterious events makes it unambiguous that most if not all of the talk about human rights and personal freedom coming out of Washington is cheap rhetoric. While the US and its European partners endlessly look for ways to sanction Russia and while the US continues to fabricate narratives about China, Iran and Venezuela to justify further tariffs and/or sanctions, Turkey has released video footage which shows the arrival of 15 potential Saudi suspects in the Khashoggi case into the Republic of Turkey.

Yet instead of showing solidarity with Ankara over a matter of grave significance in respect of the security and dignity of Turkey, the US appears to be siding with Saudi Arabia, the self-evident aggressor in the provocation.

Ironically, America’s closest partners in Europe have frequently accused Turkey of cracking down on journalistic freedom due to a morose misrepresentation of Turkey’s legal and necessary fight against FETO, Daesh and PKK terrorism.

Taken as a whole, the episode exposes the hypocrisy of multiple western nations and Germany in particular. After a devastating attempted coup led by the Fethullah Terror Organisation (FETO) in July of 2016, Turkish authorities moved to crack down on FETO terrorists and sleepers who had infiltrated the military, judiciary, civil service, private sector, media outlets and schools. As part of this state of emergency, those with links to FETO were given trials due to their membership and support of a violent Islamist terror cult.

Much to the disgrace of Germany, many German media figures have sided with the FETO members, calling them journalists who are being “oppressed” by the government. This is the case in spite of the fact that the judicial records of those brought to justice by Anakra clearly demonstrates a line of evidence related to the arrests of the individuals in question.

Yet the German fascination with the “plight” of FETO spokesmen masquerading as journalists continues, so much so that one such German reporter staged a crude provocation during the recent press conference between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

And yet when it comes to standing with Turkey in questioning a highly suspicious disappearance of a Saudi journalist who is a known critic of one of the most anti-free speech regimes in the world, the German media like their US counterparts are eerily silent.

The tragic plight of Jamal Khashoggi has plainly revealed western hypocrisy in its attitudes to not only Turkey but also towards Russia, Iran and China. The truth is that some countries receive a somewhat literal “get out of jail free card” from Washington while others are guilty even if proven innocent.

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