Ode to Rappler

In civilised societies
People have the right to disagree
And so it was in The Philippines
When Rodrigo Duterte claimed his victory.

But although his victory was fair and free
The Yellows said “this just cannot be”
Because a Liberal’s tolerance only applies
To other Liberal girls and guys.

But if you want things a different way
They’ll silence you both night and day
Even if you support a freely elected president,
They’ll try to tar you with their Yellow excrement.

They’ll lie and they’ll cheat all day and night
To prove that money is what makes right
Not knowing that the people cannot be fooled
In a time when those who hold the gold no longer make the rules.

Their liars in New York, Brussels and Washington are always willing
To spread fake news about “extra judicial killings”
But the only people who died without recourse to the law
Were the victims of the narcos that Noynoy ignored.

Yellows cannot win a logical debate
So they’ve built a digital empire on spreading hate
They say about DDS what applies to them
And when exposed cry about “PRESS FREEDOM”.

Liberals are both free and expensive at the same time
But in a just society even the elites must pay the price for crime
Whether an oligarch hoarding rice or some women withholding tax
Under PRRD, law enforcement is no longer lax.

But if they wanted a real debate
I’m telling them it is not too late.
In a federal-parliamentary system
You can face your opponents daily and directly – assuming you are not in prison.

Let politics be about policies, philosophy, ideas and solutions
But unlike Boracay, the Yellow tribe is still full of pollution.
But no matter how much they shout and scream
They can’t stop PRRD from fulfilling people’s dreams.

Because there is no room for filth in politics nor in the bays,
Clean government is the only way.
But if it is the opposite that you are after
I highly recommend that you read Rappler.

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